Friday, February 10, 2012

Ananda Marchildon, who won the super model search contest in 2009 in the Netherlands, recently sent a complaint dismissed because she Elite Models.

Ananda's attorney, said after winning topped the competition's Next Top Model 2009, Ananda Marchildon has signed a contract with Elite 3 years time - the company managing the world's largest model. But the current was 2 years, Elite has a contract with automatic cut reason some measure around hips Ananda exceeded standards.
Ananda Marchildon was sacked three measurements in excess of 2 cm
Accordingly, the maximum hip measurement of a working model at Elite Models is 90cm, and 92cm (measure current Dutch supermodel) is a number not acceptable. Ananda said, a client of Elite also told her that she has a pretty face, but the three measurements was too large, so she will not be popular because there is no opportunity to perform on the floor catwalk.
Also, long legs 25 also accused the company has not put enough of Elite Models 75,000 euro bonus as promised topped, instead, she only received € 10,000.
Ananda is the winner in the contest spleen Dutch supermodel for 2009
For the Elite, the company's lawyer said, a measure of the Ananda made her really having trouble with pattern lines. The fashion brand that Elite Models only work with costumes designed with a unique size, so this is entirely outside the control of Elite company. In addition, Elite's representatives also confirmed that the contract essentially Dutch supermodel is not signed their contract which is of a smaller company.


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