Wednesday, February 29, 2012

At London Fashion Week recently, Playboy model Sophia Cahill has stunned the audience when she was 8 months pregnant belly raw lifting up the catwalk.

The important thing here is that in this fashion show, models will not wear anything on the outside a tiny hat on the first team. As a "glamor model" (a sensitive photographic modeling), Sophia Cahill is confident on stage, but many disgruntled audience as a "pregnant" her. They say it's a ridiculous game of both the designer and model.
Sophia Cahill in the fashion show of Robyn Coles
Reaction of many people disagreed, British supermodel said that she must continue to nude photography as well as fashion shows as an invitation to the children.
"I need to go to work to earn money to support me, my second child was born and soon also. I need to prepare many things for it. Making single mothers are not simple at all "- 28 supermodel told the magazineCloser .
Sophia Cahill won the title Miss Wales 2000. She entered the village from the age of 18 samples, but since her pregnancy of her first son (who divorced her husband), Sophia turned-professional camera models sexy men's magazine. Last year, the single mother pregnant a second time and continue her boyfriend broke up soon after. Sophia Cahill said, this is why she must continue to take pictures with nude pregnant belly to right and continued to perform on the catwalk when required.
Sophia Cahill was Miss Wales in 2000
 She said that the body of pregnant women are very beautiful and sexy
"I think there will be many people surprised when I step onto the catwalk at this stage, but that does not bother me. The body of the pregnant woman is beautiful, and I think there is no reason for us to hide it at all.Even men also told me that I looked very sexy "- Sophia share.
Robyn Coles female designers, who invited Sophia Cahill join the show, agrees with this view: "She is a friend in my hometown. I think her belly on the runway shoulder is a great thing for himself Sophia was happy because of that. "
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