Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A building in the city of Astrakhan (Russia) just happened a gas explosion, leaving 12 people injured and 14 people not currently find any evidence.

Gas explosion collapsed the building's ground floor.
9-storey building in Astrakhan, a Moscow 1,000 km, has collapsed after the gas explosion. In addition 12 people were injured, 14 people are still not find any evidence. The rescue workers are continuing to search for victims.
According to ITAR-TASS , one of the biggest news of the Russian Federation, said the Representative Committee of the Russian investigation, the explosion downstairs of the building, three floors below collapsed.As people rushed to rescue the people inside the sixth floor collapsed further. Of the 12 injured have 2 children. The seven people were still in the hospital to be monitored.
Russia's Emergency Ministry said they were the two planes are equipped with machinery and rescue experts to Astrakhan. The incident continues under investigation.
After 3 floors below collapsed, six floors above the collapsed well.
Destruction of the building after the explosion gases.
Rescuers continue to search for victims.


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