Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beautiful professional actress plays "adult movies" became Japan's ambassador on HIV, AIDS and will be invited to China to communicate with students of a university

Master Peng and former Japanese porn star
This information was Peng Xiaohui teacher's pedagogical universities United Center, China confirmed. He also revealed Peng, actress would love to be invited to share their experiences exchange with Chinese students in U.S. schools discipline "scientific treatise on sex." This beauty named Yin Chong Hong, 29 years old, she was a famous actor in the village of Japanese porn industry. But in 2008 she withdrew from the Japanese entertainment industry and is now an ambassador for HIV, AIDS. "So will not break the law or education reflect the special invited guests to disseminate knowledge, exchange experience in sexual health for young people," he said Peng.
Many students in the school are eager to welcome this event and they said that "this will be a large-school students to one classroom" in history teaching at the University of the United Chinese Teachers.
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