Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Motorcycle Company has selected Japanese pop group of 28 teenage girls in Indonesia do JKT48 representatives Mio launches new scooter line J in this potential market.

Yamaha Mio J.
Indonesia is said to be one of the most potential market of Yamaha in Southeast Asia. Therefore, the company has decided to band of 28 teenage girls are treated as "idols" in this country - JKT48 - to promote fuel-efficient model scooter new J Mio launches.
Yamaha Mio from the debut (2003) has always been regarded as one of the favorite models for women in many countries in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, for their looks rather lovely.
In January last, the company has created a new breakthrough, when launching the Mio J, equipped with electronic fuel injection technology. Along with that, Mio also owns J lines sharper, more sporting than the previous version.
Famous pop group of 28 teenage girls JKT48 in Indonesia.
Mio Yamaha J engine is equipped with single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 115 cubic centimeters, which produces maximum power 7.75 hp at 8500 rpm revolutions / min and maximum torque of 8.5 Nm at 5000 cycle / min.
J Mio currently only offered in the Indonesian market for about $ 1,440. With advertising messages broadcast from the pretty girls, the Japanese manufacturer hopes that they will sell about 900,000 units per year J Mio in this market. It is not clear, electronic fuel injection version of Mio J has been offered in the Vietnam market or not.
In Vietnam, the company currently only offers two models is Mio and Mio Ultimo Classico, fuel consumption was rated as more samples than other scooter segment.
See the first message that the teenage girls of Indonesia JKT48 sent to users in the campaign for the Yamaha Mio J.


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