Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beauty is the name Taiwan is "hot" in the showbiz United languages ​​at this time.

Appearance of Madame Figaro magazine in March, Shu Qi fans see a rather strange image: sexy and attractive even with the hair ... salt and pepper.
This time, Shu Qi is a beloved woman is the greatest interest of the United showbiz terms with two movies in theaters: Love - romance film released on 14/2 and Love love - psychological horror film released on 8/3 to.
Both Love and Love love , Shu Qi are entangled in the love triangle. If Love is a wonder of the girl between two men - a young "young pilots" lovely and a subject of great players, then in love Love , Shu Qi plays two twins with a complete in contrast, fell in love with a boy.
Not owning the beautiful face, but this Taiwanese actress has always been fascinating and incredibly attractive.
Apart from Madame Figaro, Shu Qi is the cover for jewelry Jewelry publication of the magazine Harper's Bazaar.
Unlike coldly and somewhat harsh on the Figaro, the secretary of Harper's Bazaar sweet and softer.
Shu Qi sexy on Harper's Bazaar.


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