Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Taiwan police have arrested 18 men and one woman for allegedly taking a sex party on the train.

Image depicting access on trains Festival.
Recently, a number of Taiwanese netizens have posted information about a sex party involved 18 men were arrested on a train from Taipei to Miaoli District 19/2. Taiwan Rail Authority confirmed, a passenger train was set aside that day, but they are unsure whether a sex party after the curtains and closed doors or not.
According ChinaBuzz , complete this quest, including 25 people, including an organizer, 2 female assistant is responsible for paper towels and condoms, three men responsible for maintaining order and the shade. Under the law of the fun, all men must wear suit and tie, while women dressed in the office. In addition, they must use condoms during sex and not be photographed or video recording. Participated in the festival fee access is NT $ 800 per person.
The carriage was to be the location for sex parties.
The fun begins when 19 year old prostitutes, high 1m66 short skirts appear. Initially, 18 men participated a little shy, but after being encouraged organizers, they turn broke into her stripped. After the counter party, the organizers said that he felt satisfied, because no offense, while prostitutes said I just want to make of "dream" of the men involved. Even the men then left on the network thanks to prostitutes and organizers.
The case is being investigated police Taiwan clarified.


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