Wednesday, February 29, 2012

After intense training and performance, two others had enticement Nam Thanh Truong, invite all of you took in the "universal dance step" trial cuisine of Vietnam.

Starting this week, the pair of universal Leap began his training schedule, with Anh Thu Minh Hang and even have the advantage of fitness and sense of music, but the one also encounters difficulties , especially when to perform these difficult movements. But not so the sessions of the two others took place in tension.Conversely, they are always friendly feeling and you do not mind playing with poor old place. After training, they have invited you to my place to eat at a restaurant in Vietnam, to be unveiled traditional gastronomy, as well as to strengthen feelings.
Anh Thu and Minh Hang sits adjacent to converse easily.
Nam Thanh Truong seem close to your place.
After peace was constantly talking to Alex, who is responsible for guiding all pairs of candidates.
The Forum expressed interest in you when to eat Vietnamese food.
Anh Thu enlist shape.


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