Thursday, February 16, 2012

Although no longer the legendary Steve Jobs, Apple still cherishes many ideas will make the right technology's "hat".

Computer control using gestures
Technological innovation is often inspired by the films and science fiction blockbuster Minority Report is a good example to many technology companies, Apple will probably imitate. In the film, actor Tom Cruise has to interact with the 3D display during the motion of the hand by a skilled and impressive. The MIT researchers are also doing everything to turn ideas into reality and that Apple may also want to offer such technology products to the public. The three-dimensional image

Before Apple has been kind of computer-controlled movement of the hands as in science fiction film Minority Report, Apple products are needed Holographic three-dimensional image so that the user operation. 3D Holographic technology allows the user can observe the famous 360-degree image without having to use any kind of special glasses. This technology can be applied on Apple products in the future. The flying machine

Inspired by the flying robot EVE in the blockbuster Pixar production in 2008, Apple could create a similar robot how to travel with the user. Glass iGlasses

10 years maybe if you stare at the phone screen to check the mail, messaging, ... then it is outdated. Apple's idea is to create an iPhone can replace the glass, allowing users to check email, make calls and identify the person as well as location on the street like in the movie idea "who destruction "(The Terminator). Everything will be embedded in glasses fashion. everywhere Computer

In the movie Star Trek (2009), computer available everywhere so that users can interact and ordered them at any time. A computer available everywhere is probably a lot better than a voice-recognition software such as Apple's Siri. But Siri is also a beginning for future ideas. Car Cupertino

Apple products have become a familiar part of life today, from music to television to social interaction and even at work. Therefore, an Apple-branded car is possible. An electric car branded "Apple can do" will not make you feel when sitting inside insipid. They will be made ​​of materials photocromic to the car can change color like a chameleon. Apple pan

The pan bearing the Apple logo. Maybe this is a crazy idea but actually has a version that appears. Milos designers have introduced the toilet Paripovic iPoo Apple style. The toilets were advertised "amazing" that the user can spend all day ... sit on it. The ring sits as the material is similar to the MacBook Air and thinner than the slimmest of Apple Computer. Thus, users can be cleaned easily. Moreover, the toilet can also be compatible with all iPod, iPad 3, 5 and MacBook Air iPhone. Apple spacecraft

Apple is building a spacecraft in the future. Apple has plans to build a campus called Apple Campus 2 as a spacecraft on the ground, with 4 floors with a total area of 260,000 square meters and adequate work space for up to 13,000 employees. As expected, the "general headquarters" will come into operation in 2015.Virtual Keyboard




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