Wednesday, February 29, 2012

With the determination to change the image and a new location on the mobile market, Nokia was showing off a new series of products from cheap phone to the super-equipped camera "crisis" to 41MP .

First, in addition to the Lumia Nokia high-end products with an average price. It is the Nokia Lumia 610 works on Windows Phone.
Nokia Lumia 610 - Windows Phone cheap phone for the young.
Nokia Lumia 610 is produced in order to younger users with easy access to social networks, web browsing, music, games, navigation ... It has a 800 MHz processor, 256MB RAM, 3.7 inch screen, 5MP camera built.Announcement of Nokia said that 610 is the product Lumia "extremely important" for both them and Microsoft in the expansion. Product will have four color vivid and expected to begin shipping in Q2 / 2012.
Additionally, Nokia is also preparing to release 900 Lumia many other markets around the world. This is a smart phone equipped with Nokia's first LTE technology for fast Internet access over a cellular network up to 42.2 Mbit / sec.
High-end phones Nokia Lumia 900.
Lumia 900 ClearBlack AMOLED screen 4.3 inches wide. Machines using monolithic polycarbonate shell with the same design Lumia 800. The device has 8-megapixel camera, Nokia has made significant improvements to the wide-angle 28mm tube, allowing a password F/2.2. Lumia 900 Scorpion processor speed is 1.4 GHz and Windows Mobile phone Nokia's third with 1830 mAh battery.
Highlights of this year at MWC is the handset major "breakthrough" with image sensors up to 41MP - Nokia 808 PureView is the first smart phone with the Nokia PureView imaging technology exclusively, the technology This will bring a series of advanced imaging experience on Nokia products in the coming years.
Nokia 808 PureView equipped with sensors to 41MP images.
Nokia 808 PureView incorporates a sensor 41 megapixels large, high resolution, Carl Zeiss optics and pixel stack technology developed by Nokia. Thanks to that, the picture will clear net to detail even in low light conditions and the ability to save images in small files sizes to share via email, MMS and on social networks.
PureView equipped Nokia 808 Nokia Rich Recording Technology to record CD-quality analog, recording and playback HD 1080p resolution, Dolby Headphone technology for winter lets move content into a stereo surround sound experience individuals through any headset.
Moreover, to erase the boundaries between ordinary telephone and smartphones, Nokia continues Asha launched three new devices for those who want to work, study and measurement tri.Trong, Nokia Asha 302 is a high-end QWERTY phone. Phone experience in providing mobile office with the ability to push email, calendar and synchronize contacts in Mail for Exchange support - the first time on the Nokia Series 40 devices.
Asha Nokia 302 is added to ordinary phone lines.
Nokia Asha 202 and 203 are the only phone in the general line is equipped with touch screen. These two products are designed for easy access to social networks. Moreover, Asha 202 also features dual SIM technology, allowing for turbo SIM.
In addition to new devices, Nokia announced the application supports reading - Nokia Reading. The application has the ability to reformat web pages to fit the phone screen interface helps users read news, books in local languages, as well as offline access content easily and quickly more.
Besides Nokia also announced a new version of Nokia Drive for Windows Phone platform. This version supports navigation without network connection. As expected upcoming Nokia Drive will have the ability to remember constantly moving route of the individual, offering advice as well as traffic generated automatically re-route to avoid traffic jams.
Nokia plans to roll out Windows Phone version of Nokia Transport for directions from place to place, traffic underground, trams, trains and buses in over 500 cities and 45 countries.


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