Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Natalie Allen of CNN for taking the time to write a report touched on the poor children live in garbage dumps in Vietnam, as well as the hard, hard work and the potential dangers faced chúng face.

Recently, Vietnam has been quite Foreign Correspondent Concerned by the rise of national as well as Emerging issues in the country. And this time, the CNN reporter Natalie Allen Mentioned a problem though was very familiar with the people of Vietnam but it leaves many People cũng to Ponder pity, that's life miserable plot of the landfill where the children students. Here is loosely translated this article:
Children living where Vietnam through the lens landfill Reporters CNN .
Just twelve days on Things that had to painstakingly seek flip pieces of plastic debris landfill, empty tins to support her livelihood comments. Reporter to speak, her mother and daughter always have hand picked to categories from landfills for sale. A bag full of odd things picked up from the landfill cũng gives the family a few odd coins, but that's only living child of her mother.
Born into a poor family, to many children, nine brothers and sisters lived crowded in a small non-Noble House, substandard collapse the landfill, cemetery overlooking a VAST, cold. The only place They can sit without having contact with garbage are the empty tomb was visited.
Sadly, the Noble family is not an isolated case here. scavenging the work, the lives of more than 200 poor families living in Rach Gia, the Mekong delta flows through the territory of Vietnam. They are three Generations of Cambodians fleeing the brutal Khmer Rouge regime from the 70s. The ragged Smoking is the only home chúng Ever had known since fled in panic.
Writing about children living where landfills are located in Vietnam's high position page CNN .
Looking at life here, many People will be throbbing heart. Most clothing, footwear, furniture of the product chúng bị hủy gleaned from the piles of people. A Life of Poverty, the economy is tight, difficult meals every day let alone sewing clothes shopping purchasing or other household items.
Tuy nhiên, Poverty, Suffering is not all that These children grow up in places like Noble landfill face. Poor children are the victims of traffickers very ideal. Throughout the day where the VAST Wandering living garbage dump, They kidnapped and sold across borders Easily with cheap price. In addition, the Lack of awareness of the steps a parent can push them into the hands Easily of scammers. Close your eyes for just sold a $ 100, parents who believe that buying Their children are good people and have a chance to chúng change your life if you get out of the landfill. They sell họ Sometimes children not of money but because-They Desire a better future.
Tuy nhiên, very few children have been trafficked Their life as parents wish. Most children victims of human trafficking have trở, Exploitation and labor 'even trở sex slaves in the brothels illegal, or at Least sexual assault.
Therefore, children living in the community who are CNN referred to as the "poorest of Vietnam" are a vital lesson by heart, mà run away when a stranger approached. That is exactly what Hanh, a 13 year old girl, made when a man is more likely to arrest traffickers last day of 2010. But fate too harsh with me when she falls down a canal and drowned.
This story is Ticarro-Parker, who is one effort to help poor children in Vietnam, said. Ticarro-Parker Family leave Vietnam when she was a child. But, love great home helped her back to the old country to help những hard times. Understanding the plight of the children of poor Communities in Vietnam, Parker has returned to Ticarro-Minnesota, to call to help poor children. Thanks to funds raised, she returned to Vietnam, building a special school for the children to survive in Rach Gia where landfill. The new school is built as light up hope of a brighter future for the children of Vietnam must sell living where the landfill.


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