Wednesday, February 29, 2012

At least 13 workers were killed and 43 others injured in a chemical plant explosion in Hebei Province, northern China on Tuesday morning 28/2.

The accident occurred at 9:30 am on Monday at a chemical plant close Keeperchemiscal Zhaoxian County, Shijiazhuang City, capital of Hebei Province. The accident was said Cheng Weiqing, deputy director of public security office of Shijiazhuang city confirmed. In addition, Mr. Cheng said that the sound from the explosion could be heard from many villages around the plant. All glass windows within a radius of 2,000 m from the center of the blast were broken.
The explosion.
After entering the scene, rescuers found, conference room of the plant were flattened, many areas inside the factory heavily damaged. Immediately, the injured were taken to the hospital, while rescuers continued digging the scene to find the missing workers.
According to the official release of Cheng, factory accidents occur as a factory manufacturing pesticides.However, there is no leakage of toxic chemicals are the recognized authorities after the accident. Meanwhile, relatives of the workers had gathered outside the headquarters plant relatives awaiting news.
Local people said that most workers in factories are middle aged. Due to hazardous nature of the work should only use the factory workers have families and children.
This is not the first accident at a chemical plant Keeperchemical. Last year, a large fire also occurred at the pesticide factory of this company, but does not cause damage to any person. Henan Province officials also have to supervise the rescue and all the consequences of the explosion.
The cause of the accident has not yet been announced.


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