Monday, February 27, 2012

Photos of the newborn baby only two weeks old was thrown through the air by throwing in a therapy called "Baby Yoga" (Yoga for babies) has caused millions to be shock.

Lena Fokina was the one who made this Yoga therapy. Many people believe that babies that Lena Fokina, 51, who is 30 years of the exercise is similar dolls. However, it is the real baby, flesh, and only about 2 weeks old.
Most babies are crying or vomiting in the display set that many people call this torture. However, Lena insists that benefit children. "The train moves were made to improve and help develop the muscles of the baby," Lena said.
Despite looking quite dangerous and scary, but many parents, mainly in Russia and Ukraine, have expressed satisfaction at Lena for their child's treatment. Each period of treatment like this will last for 12 days, and parents have to spend £ 255 to train their children Lena.
Here are a few pictures of Lena treatments Fokina:
The newborn baby is Lena Fokina exercise on the beach during a lecture in England.
Images of babies like this are not flying from left many stunned.
Many exercises that motions for a parent who really panic.
Because of the danger, many people think that the baby doll is pictured.
Most kids are crying or vomiting after the workout moves extremely scary.
However, in practice, the parents of the children have to pay for their children treated.
Yoga Video frightened infant monitors.


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