Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An asteroid the size plunging 140m at a speed of dizziness in space, and almost certainly will collide with Earth, forcing the team to action the United Nations to discuss how to move direction.

According to calculations by NASA, asteroids bearing number 2011 AG5 would plunge into the earth on 02/05/2040. The rate of collisions is 1/625, indicating a very high possibility. If this asteroid collision with Earth, humanity will still exist but it can be killed millions of people.
Explosion with AG5 can occur if the 2011 collision with Earth.
Mankind will not perish like the dinosaurs, by the size of the asteroid is very small compared to the giant asteroid mass surface area of ​​up to 9 miles plunge into Earth 65 million years ago. However, it will cause a human tragedy in history, but perhaps Hollywood film makers have not imagined.
Measuring 140m, the asteroid could cause an explosion destroyed an area by area of ​​a big city. In this case it just hovered over, a large meteor will ever be seen on the 18.300km long region from Europe, Asia and Africa.
Therefore, teams of UN action in the near-Earth asteroid was urgently convened to try to divert the asteroid out of Earth orbit. From 2013 to 2016, scientists will continue to observe the asteroid 2011 AG5 to have a more detailed assessment. In 2023, we will determine the position that 2011 AG5 will collide with Earth's orbit around the sun.
The plan to deal with the possibility of the asteroid collision with Earth have also been calculated. One of the most feasible way for an artificial satellite landed on the asteroid and use manual thrust, causing it to fly deviate from the current orbit. The use of nuclear weapons has also been included, but will be the final plan, by the explosion will create countless asteroids and additional millions of threat although not too large.
However, meteorites are not the only things threatening the earth. Series of return of the satellite end date in recent times has made ​​humans less fragrant anxiety. In January, Mars exploration satellite Phobos-Grunt of Russia, with all the fuel enough to make it to Mars and back, crashed into the earth after the orbit deviation from last year. Fortunately, no damage to any person after reporting the incident.
Earlier, Rosat telescope of the German crashed to earth after many years of service. Heat mirror and more is expected of it not being burned in the process of friction with the atmosphere and create dozens of pieces that fell to earth. No reports of damage in the incident.


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