Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Instead of looking for Wi-Fi to surf the mobile Web, many teens are now using super cheap 3G package, help listening to music, reading, playing games on the Internet but only indulge take up 40,000 VND / month.

Using a high-tech phone support 3G, but before, Tuan Dung, a high school student in Hanoi did not dare to use more. Boy said: "Senh out a play that results go tong 100,000 scratch cards. Once loaded to 200,000 that is clean using little twisted cypress, also because of 3G. "
Fast web browsing with 3G and Wi-Fi users to do the right thing is very annoying, because they were unable to Internet anytime, anywhere. "If cricket is the network, you can take advantage of chat, social networking, watch the news ... No I have 3G like tied hands were tied," Dung shared.
But, when you discovered she also tempted to use 3G without extra charge, the mind that this boy was surprised. She you disclose, MobiFone provide Mobile Internet to surf package called MIU site for only 40,000 / month in which Dr. Sonja gas use, unlimited traffic, that `high charges. "I was able to play a little before 3G bottom," Dung rang.
Meanwhile, Thuy Hang - a friend hotgirl Ha Thanh, the message immediately 3G package registration "chestnut" Dr. Sonja terminal to surf the web on phones. In fact, the 3G addiction caused her lover is in the city. Therefore, using the 3G mobile phone impartial help chat, call using Skype at any time without worrying about money crisis, because only mobile charges that encapsulates at VND 40,000 / month. "Before, all I have to use the computer, which I also quite inconvenient, because not all the time with his eight beloved servant. Now, ok risk, "said Hang.
Not only has the habit Hang transfer from computer to surf the Web on mobile, many other teen "crazy" with a super cheap 3G when the package was born. Room 3G is the nickname his friends gave you stylish in a high school outside of Hanoi, by his addiction to the mobile Internet since the MobiFone 40k package.
Hotboy He said that the social network game on 3G mobile without too bored. In addition, the social networking game but just worry about right snore more freight is still bored. But now, he rested in the network without any worry of money can not control evaporation.
Among package operators have Mobile Internet chestnuts, MobiFone is the customers do not pay a monthly fee of 3G subscribers is 10,000 a month. Thus, Dr. Sonja freight station on 3G mobile phone users exactly 40,000, not 50,000. However, with your teen, in addition to cheap package, the stylish home of her network and also makes the guy feel more oach. "I love fashion but images chestnut," Tuyet Lan, a teen in Hoan Kiem district (Hanoi) said.
Currently, not hard to see the teen picture always plugged into the phones while sitting in cafes, in time to play ... The popular smartphone with 3G super cheap package has helped high-speed Internet is always in the hands of teenagers who go wild for network capital. "Everything is going up, there may be mobile and fares are always cheaper. If only other things like that are extreme, "Huyen Trang, Ho Chi Minh a teen sharing.


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