Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The summer voyage is an opportunity to show the girls the most beautiful curves of the body in a bikini sexy and seductive.

After the designers in the world have launched many BST swimsuit for spring summer with enough style and different material, it is time for us to gather and lists the designs are is "hot" in the most eye-catching.
Here are eight sure swimsuit models will be crowned in the summer of 2012:
 A. The monochrome swimsuit models no longer in vogue again, but instead is in many patterns swimsuit, very prominent and eye catching. These types are the most popular patterns are leopard prints, snakeskin, floral patterns, horizontal stripes, zigzag shape ... but that is sexy leopard prints than it wild style
Two. In terms of design, offset shoulder swimsuit is also a new trend this year. The straps are designed clothes but slightly to a still very sexy. The purpose of this design to attract the attention of the opposite sex on the shoulders of the woman thon
3. Bikini body associated with large cuts, daring either side is equally sexy.Bikini Model is for the standard body and sisters are especially confident in his body
Attached sequin 4.Trang recovery (small beads sparkle) seems increasingly to be loved, and swimsuit fashion is no exception. If you want to be really outstanding, become the focus of attention, choose one with attached sequin bikinis
Five. The girls prefer simplicity would definitely spend my money on this monochrome bikini models. But to avoid monotony, you should select the costumes designed fussy, meticulous detail than
6. Besides the modern lingerie, sexy, the designers did not forget the bikini model vintage brings. These designs are relatively unobtrusive, gives you the comfort, confidence while wearing
7. What a flimsy bikini and flash is for the momentum of her tone, to become "the lovely princess of the sea"
 8. Finally, bikini wireless is perhaps the hottest trend because it helps you show off a full round. However, this design just for you own a small or medium rings. Women who are overweight should not ring a daring bikini wireless chosen because it is easily "shipment"


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