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The line laptop 13 inchshowing signs of strong growth recently due to the rise of the Ultrabook. In fact,13 inchalso considered to be the ideal size for a portable PC. It is not the poor performance as netbook but not as heavy as a full-sized notebook.Here are the best choice for alaptop 13 inch high current levels.
1. MacBookAir 13 inch
In a market full of samples laptop ultra-slim, Apple is still considered the "leader" with the MacBookAir. The design of this product is not changed over the past few years but the "interior" of it has been thoroughly upgraded with Intel's Ivy Bridge generation 3, RAM stronger and add a new connector. Air is also considered "peak" than other competitors on the quality of the touch keyboard and trackpad.
2. Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga
The highlight of the IdeaPad Yoga is the flexibility, the experience of bothlaptopand in the same tablet device. Besides the Microsoft Surface, the IdeaPad Yoga is a device for the touch experience on Windows 8 best.
3. MacBook Pro Retina display
The MacBookPro debut of Apple product is not for the masses. Many people feel "chun feet" with its very high price. Some other concerns with the selection of the more powerful 15 inch version, but no one can deny the quality and attractiveness of the product. Retina technology helps to monitorlaptopto a new level. Powerful Ivy Bridge chips and thin paring designs making it one of theMacBook sexy as ever.
4. Acer Aspire S7
Ultrabook with touch screen can be considered as one of the most unique technology products of 2012. S7 Acer's product is considered a pioneer for the movement. Your own high-quality screen, Full HD resolution and multi-touch. This is one of the world's thinnest Ultrabook today, accompanied by the latest-generation Intel chips and SSDs for booting immediately.
5. Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A
The Asus Zenbook is a very comprehensive product. The screen for the ability to display true color, wide viewing angle, good contrast. One point can not not mention the machine's keyboard and trackpad for senior experience no less thanApple's MacBook Air.
6. Dell XPS 13
A special feature of the XPS 13 is the compact size. Its skeleton equivalent, or slightly larger than a 11-inch product, so it is the right choice for people who move frequently. On the configuration, the XPS 13 has many standard features compared to the Ultrabook popular now, in accordance with the object ordinary users as well as business people.
7. Sony Vaio T
Sony's first product in the Ultrabook segment, like many other laptops with the Vaio, feels beautiful and luxurious to use. Vaio T is an ideal product for everyday use, especially for multimedia entertainment.
After VinaPhone and Viettel announced it will sell the iPhone 5 simultaneously on 21/12 laptops on the market price immediately dropped, popular at around 17 million for the 16GB, particularly where price Classified Ad only 16.8 million.Surveying the iPhone 5 price moment from the shop selling Apple products in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as Ishop, Techland or PhonGee shows, all of which have fallen from 500,000 to nearly 1 million a week before. Rates prevalent in these stores is 17.3 million for the iPhone 5 16GB version, 20.5 million for the 32GB version and 22.5 million for the 64GB version. All are portable international version from traditional markets such as Hong Kong, South Korea and the United States.
For some smaller-scale stores, less reputable merchants and small business forums, discounts iPhone 5 after genuine information today is quite deep. Some places is now $ 17.1 million, particularly in the position to sell iPhone 5 16GB for $ 16.8 million. This is a fairly low price, when the that genuine price has not been the network announced but is expected to be at around 16 million.
Information VinaPhone and Viettel genuine iPhone 5 distribution from 21/12 to have less impact on the market price laptop.
Talking to a number of shops specializing in large portable iPhone, VinaPhonegenuine and Viettel selling iPhone 5 will not significantly impact the price of iPhone 5 laptops on the market, and did not cause much disturbance to the their business.
"Price iPhone 5 at stores Ishop system (Hanoi) has not been affected by the genuine price of the iPhone 5, which mainly depends on import prices in foreign markets. If you enter a higher price, iPhone 5 when the water will be sold at a high price. Conversely, the store will also make adjustments to lower their prices when imported at lower prices, "he Tuan - shop Ishop - said.
Agreeing with him Tuan, Mr. Phu Phong Mai, stores PhonGee (City) said the fact that VinaPhone and Viettel selling iPhone 5 at this time, like a year ago when two network distribution genuine the iPhone 4S. Accordingly, the price of iPhone 5is completely portable game stores.
He Rooms also offer a reason portable 

The list given by the prestigious Time magazine , based on the survey, a thorough evaluation during the past 12 months.
10. Google Nexus 7
The quad-core tablet, $ 200 Google is the main factor, triggered price competition in the tablet market today. Powerful configuration, good price and quality hardware to ensure, Google is proving to the world that, they absolutely have the ability to compete with rivals Apple touch device on the market. Recently, the search industry giant has just released the 3G version of the product, giving users additional connectivity options for mobile products. Nexus 7 were classified as the"phenomenon" village technology first half of first half of 2012.
9. Nest energy saving devices
Developed by a group of former Apple engineers, led by Tony Fadell, the father of the iPod product, Nest is expected to become the center of the future smart home.Once installed, this little device will take about 1 week to get used to the new house, then automatically adjust the room temperature due to a dense sensor system, temperature control from , light, humidity, until the motion of the members of the house.
As an influential product from Apple, Nest is designed exquisite, compact, integrated Wi-Fi connectivity so that users can control using iOS devices. In the future, the Nest will be equipped with active control every function of the devices in the family.
8. Samsung Galaxy Note II
With the Note, Samsung has created a completely new smartphone segment, that is "phablet". Our products are built super large screen, up to 5.5 inches. Cause difficulties for the user when used with one hand or pocket, but surprisingly Note II to create massive attraction. Factory built version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, 2 GB RAM and pen S-Pen improved, for the experience of drawing and notes. At the present time, Note II smartphone is the best multitasking world.
7. Microsoft Surface
In the past 37 years, Microsoft acts as a software developer. The Surface RT mark the first time the software industry giants involved in producing mobile devices, a technology village events. Still can not compete with Apple's iPad tablet 10.6 inch Microsoft has been highly appreciated by innovative design with the base and the accompanying keyboard. Windows 8 operating system RT also bring no less eager to experience, only unfortunately the number of applications on the Windows ecosystem is too small.technologyStill can not compete with Apple's iPad tablet 10.6 inch Microsoft has been highly appreciated by innovative design with the base and the accompanying keyboard. Windows 8 operating system RT also bring no less eager to experience, only unfortunately the number of applications on the Windows ecosystem is too small.
6. MacBook Pro Retina display
Almost no "magic" in Apple's design principles as to what the press have praised.Their criteria is simple, create ultra-thin, ultra-light and as many pixels as possible.That is the reason Apple has applied for a high-end MacBook Pro in 2012. Retina display 2800 x 1800 pixels of the 15-inch MacBook Pro has 5 times the number of pixels compared to the conventional 15-inch laptop. Recently, the company has also introduced the MacBook Pro 13 13-inch Retina display with prices from $ 1,700.
5. Camera 'shoot first, focus later' Lytro
The major camera companies creating a wide range of great products in 2012, but they were overshadowed by Lytro, the camera is seen as opening up a new chapter for the photography industry. Lytro is the first universal camera technology using "light", with prices from only $ 400 and the size of a pencil"Light", with prices from only $ 400 and the size of a pencil box.
Of the camera lens is usually designed similar to the human eye, that is only capable of capturing a certain amount of light emitted from the object, which focuses on the object definition. Meanwhile, with the light field technology, Lytro cameras can record the color, intensity and direction of every ray of light into the lens. Thus, the photographer can save focus and select any point on the image.light fieldtechnology , Lytro camera can capture the color, intensity and direction of every ray of light into the lens. Thus, the photographer can save focus and select any point on the image.
Lytro is not a product to replace the professional cameras but help those who least understand also captured a visible image, especially without any accessories.
4. Raspberry Pi computer
A PC with only $ 35, equivalent to more than 700 thousand is the brainchild of two British engineer Eben Upton and David Braben. To keep prices as cheap as astonishing same tiny size, this product is designed as a circuit, remove all excess detail.
The user must provide a full range of essential good such as power, memory card pre-installed Linux operating system, monitor, mouse and keyboard. The idea of ​​the manufacturer, of course, does not create a product to compete with the computers sold at stores that used in schools to help children learn programming skills and learn about IT.
3. Sony Cyber-shot RX100
Pocket camera worth $ 650 Sony looks very compact and elegant. However, if the only thing it does not deserve to be in this list. Image quality is the highlight of the new Cyber-shot from Sony. RX100 is equipped with a sensor size up to 1 inch, the image quality is so much better than the popular Point-and-Shoot. Image quality in low-light conditions is also very impressive. If you do not want to own a DSLR or Micro Four-Thirds heavy, Cyber-shot RX100 is the optimal choice.
2. Nintendo Wii U
To own a video game console from Nintendo, you have to spend $ 300. The Wii U is the first HD gaming device of Japanese electronics firms, replacing the Wii predecessor which was quite a lot of graphics processing. Wii U is equipped with the unique gamepad joystick, in addition to the same traditional hand manipulation can also use the 6.2 inch screen for the game need the touch operation. When necessary, the user can display separate content gamepad, like a portable gaming machine. Wii U interact with TV in many different ways depending on the game, make a big craze in the world market.
1. iPhone 5
Been criticized for an iPhone 4S last error encountered, from hardware (bark peeling paint, bright open error, fault power button) until the software (Apple Maps, error with the scroll bar), but the iPhone 5 was firmly entrenched in the world's number one throne on sales of 5 million units sold in its first week.According to the Times , the Apple iPhone 5 is the best smartphone ever produced, incorporating larger screen in a thin and light frame. 2012 saw the emergence of the many smartphones "blockbuster", including the biggest rival is the Galaxy S III. However, when it comes to the perfect combination of hardware, software and associated services, Apple's phone still has no rival.
Cheaper price, big screen and integrate new technologies such as NFC and wireless charging, the new Google smartphone has many opportunities to beat the iPhone 5. Nexus 4possesses many characteristics of the hardware and the software can not find on the iPhone. This product was developed by LG, running the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, bring pure Android experience, without any interface, or application restrictions from carriers and manufacturers.
Google Nexus 4 has many advantages compared to the iPhone 5.
Of course, iPhone 5 also owns many outstanding features compared to competitors from Google, But this article please mention five characteristics superior of theNexus 4 compared to the Apple iPhone.
Biggest concern of most mobile users is price of the device. Nexus 4on sale with prices starting at $ 300 (U.S.), while the open network of the iPhone 5 has cost $ 650, more than double compared to competitors. No iPhone 5, it is difficult to find a high-end products are sold for as low asNexus 4 on the market.
Also because the price is very low, comes the release number is somewhat limited, the followers ofNexus 4was faced with the situation, "price" from the merchants. In Vietnam, this model often on sale for $ 10 million, where up to 12 million, twice the actual value. However, if in fact the iPhone 5 is being sold for $ 17 million, the buyerNexus 4 still cheaper to several million.
Screen more
4.7 inch to 4 inch is a huge gap on a mobile device. Apple is no reason to keep the size of iPhone to 4 inches, because they are the size of the "standard" to hold and use with one hand. However, the fact that users are increasingly popular productsscreenlarge, but the success of the Galaxy Note II (5.5 inches) is a typical example. larger screen brings a better experience for watching movies, gaming, and also makes sense to important.
Application map
Bring a specific application for comparison is unreasonable, and in terms of the number and quality of applications, iOS has proved superior to Android. However, the application is referred to here ismap, One of the most important applications, is the central part of a smartphone. Not only for navigation, viewing points, Maps application integrated into other applications and if they did not actually good, will not happen annoyance for users.
Google Maps allow users to move to anywhere in the Street View feature provides 3D landscape, navigate and extremely precise location. Googleworked hard to develop application Maps and Earth for many years, to acquire and work with many different vendors to get the current experience, while Apple is just beginning to set foot on the field map , and Apple Maps is seen as a "shame" of Apple in 2012.
NFC and wireless charging
NFC and wireless charging technology is new, not many applications in the present life, but with the technology enthusiast, love to own what the latest, most advanced, it is an option not indispensable.
If NFC has been known to many, is a form of near-field communication, allows two devices to connect and share data by placing them close to each other, the new wireless charging technology only official appearance on a single device beforeNexus 4Nokia Lumia 920. LG does not manufacture pillows dedicated wireless chargingNexus 4 Nokia, but this device can be compatible with the common standard charging dock Qi.
The services of Google
With a dominant position in the web market, clear services Googleis an integral part in the lives of mobile users. Is "chicken"GoogleNexus 4 course there are huge advantage over the iPhone. Applications such as Gmail, YouTube and Talk works extremely smooth on the Nexus. All of the services are built in accountGoogle, Which is the default Android user account.
Googleprovide a full range of services mentioned above for iOS, but it is not the focus of the Apple experience. For example the YouTube from being the default application has become external applications on the iOS, the Chrome browser can be downloaded for the iPhone, but the user can not make it the default browser.GoogleNow is a particularly useful feature is not available on iPhone. This application was compared with Siri, but while Siri like a toy more,Google the application development Google Now as a real-time search engine, can predict the user's information need instead of waiting for users to pose questions.

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In addition to familiar names such as Kate Middleton, Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba, singer Rihanna also appeared on the list.
Here is a list voted by the magazine U.S. Weekly , mainly based on the red carpet dresses of beautiful women in the past year. For each individual, the magazine carried out to choose the best three costumes illustration. It surprised her name Rihanna is also present in this list.
Actress Diane Kruger wore Chanel (Photo 1 + 3) and Vivienne Westwood (pictured center).
Jennifer Lawrence's favorite fashion Ralph Lauren (Photo 1) and Prabal Gurung (2 +3).
This year, she Rihanna has many beautiful moments on the red carpet. In the photo: long dress Rihanna area of ​​Tom Ford, Adam Selman, and Giorgio Armani.
Kate Hudson impressed with sexy style, glamor on the red carpet. Beautiful to wear dress by Prabal Gurung, Atelier Versace, and Alexander McQueen.
 Ginnifer Goodwin in Monique Lhuillier dress (photo 1 +3) and Oscar de la Renta (pictured center).
This list can not be absent from Princess Kate Middleton - British fashion icon. Kate always choose the clothes soft, elegant, feminine to come to the party. In pictures: Kate wears dress by Roksanda Ilincic, Prabal Gurung, and Jenny Packham.
It looks like Emma Stone with black tones. Beautiful sexy costumes of the brands Gucci, Elie Saab, and Bottega Veneta.
Trendy fashion style of lingerie angel Miranda Kerr is always a source of inspiration for women around the world.
Elizabeth Banks - Queen of sparkling dresses from fashion houses such as Marc Jacobs, Elie Saab, and Bill Blass.
Last year, Jessica Alba also made top beauty best dressed of the year. This year, the beautiful people continue to impress on the red carpet dressed by Valentino, Narciso Rodriguez, Gucci.
Sexy dresses with bold cut carved details of Kaufman Franco helped 24 tuoiJulianne voice Hough named to the list of N tokens beauty best dressed .
Beautiful sexy Beyonce Knowles in Givenchy outfit, Alice Temperley, and Stephane Rolland.

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