Monday, December 3, 2012

In a cameo of the night announced the top 4 "So you think you can dance" dancing queen has attracted the audience with dance sexy dance group.Back program So you think you can dance - Challenges and dance the night announced the results at 2/12, Ngo Thanh Van ignites the stage with looks sexy, hot and beautiful dance bollywood dance group. Screen women to write flexible and soft with hip and abdominal movements, exuding sensual beauty and glamor, the excitement and passion. Spectators enjoy looking forward Ngo Thanh Van dancers on stage with professional dance.

Ngo Thanh Van into the Indian princess with mystery and wild beauty.
Clip dance Ngo Thanh Van.
Also Ngo Thanh Van, the couple Truong Nam Thanh - Thu Thuy also cause the strong impression when the first song for flanges, dance on stage. Thu Thuy also made many people admire passing off knee ligament injury to jump supplement Truong Nam Thanh.
Truong Nam Thanh and Thu Thuy Broadway repertoire combined with jazz and dance quite beautifully. The beautiful singer only 2 days of training with his best friend since 29/12 young model and actress recently returned after Mr. Worldcontest . Having 7 years formal dance at the school dance HCMC should Thu Thuy also have a basic knowledge of dance. Accepted the invitation from the organizers So you think you can dance , vocal Microphone wondering due to broken knee ligament injury and recurrence so that she feared would have trouble in the night show. But is Truong Nam Thanh encouraged, Thu Thuy strongly challenged and kept training with choreography while waiting for a friend.
Clips of dance Thu Thuy and Male:
Cu spectacular somersault Thu Thuy.
Performances of the two is pretty much dangerous as single somersault movements of Thu Thuy and Truong Nam Thanh have to apply force to the bracket and rotation you jump in the air. The beautiful singer is not hiding nervously but seeing the sublimation of the candidates under the spotlight, you become more confident.In the two-minute performance, the two have chemistry and integrate well in the general movement. Compared to Truong Nam Thanh, Thu Thuy have a lot of hip movement and many city moves her body curves and more dancing. Fitness advantage to calf Male support and Thu Thuy rotation pretty good but audiences expect more than impressive in his back jump Universe 2012 runner left.
World champion salsa choreographer Aki and Morning Star brings sweet and full of passion for dance music on the Black mambo . Each successful contribution to the contestants of the same jump challenge should viewers expect compelling performances of two well-known choreographer. Not to disappoint the audience, Aki and Mai blend captivated and led the audience in the professional dance. Low weight baby compared to physical and Morning Star of the West, but proved fast, but definitely very soft movements. Aki tall so convenient when you jump in the air.Aki mentoring her partner Vietnamese to Sao Mai unleash rolling bleach on stage full of talent attraction.
Sexy dance of Aki and Morningstar.
3 performances of guest dispel the atmosphere of suspense and anxiety of the contestants and the audience.
Truong Nam Thanh Thu Thuy Holder is lightweight.
The beautiful singer to move the hips and legs a lot.
Her previous level down 2 up to speed for 2 minutes on stage. This outfit of Thu Thuy helped her move flexible and softer, and also show the beauty of the body.
Almost ecstatic audience the spectacular performances of Ngo Thanh Van. Many admiring praise of the beautiful sexy beauty with striking orange outfit.
Along with the dance group, their female Wu makes the viewer can not take your eyes off the stage for the dance moves smooth and soft.
Seems hard to resist the sexy beauties.
Ngo Thanh Van combustion stage and the audience separate jury continuous applause.
Just Truong Nam Thanh, Aki to high you jump quite small, the waiter quite easy.
Morning Star Aki give quite a lot of movement and the second to lift each other up in this salsa.
Groups present Waiting for a love song .


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