Monday, December 3, 2012

The sample shoes sparkling diamond or jewelry of Gucci, Valentino, Christian Louboutin will make you "queen" night party. These are the best designs were selected from collection 2012 collection by famous designers. When choosing shoes to the party, you do not necessarily have to choose the colors really stand out as red, pink, green, yellow. The deep tones such as silver, light brown, white ... still enough to help you shine because they have been created with diamond accents, gorgeous jewelry.
Imagine you will choose the map to incorporate the same in the 10 gorgeous shoes form below.
Remains the classic black shoes but Guiseppe Zanotti build buzz with small stones surrounded.
Sometimes the Gucci brand sandal finished with different size stones tears.
Yellow stones making designs of Valentino more sparkle.
If you are looking for an elegant style shoes to complete the outfit, Manolo Blahnik is an ideal choice. Silky satin material brings pleasant feeling lucky to own it.
Sometimes delicate sandals Giambattista Valli made the viewers can not take his eyes by the ankle strap is designed very picky and meticulous. Giambattista Valli no stone attached to the entire body and heeled sandals, which only create highlights at the straps. Apparel fit this pair of sandals is not long dresses ankle.
Walter Steiger is not only beautiful but also very stylish with heels n More than designed.
Jimmy Choo design nice for those who like the feeling of pins are tight absolute security.
Christian Louboutin has many beautiful shoe form, and this is a typical design of shoes to a party.
Casadei - symbol of sexy and charming.
Tabitha Simmons pair of sandals decorated with the red shirt buttons tiny, adorable.
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