Monday, December 3, 2012

The incident led many Korean stars dress notoriously discreet become ridiculous in front of the camera.
Recently, the film festival red carpet events or major Korean music exists a alarming trend: many beautiful people scrambling offensive showing three rings exaggerated. Even Korean media said that almost every event has a few characters "floating" by it. Even then many individuals to apologize for the incident, but not so that the faux pas less extensive vocabulary.
Lee Yoon Ji in the 16th Busan Film Festival costume area both above and below openings. As young artists get noticed, this style of Yoon Ji encountered many critics out there.
Lee Yoon Ji.
Oh In Hye served as the focal point of communication as an orange dress showing off nearly a full loop in front of the camera. Even Chinese media also said that she is more need to worry Route one level clearance. But in China, Can Lo Lo is not appearing in major film festivals such as Oh In Hye.
Oh In Hye.
Bae So Eun had to do the right thing all eyes when wearing a thin dress almost transparent. At the Busan Film Festival, Bae So Eun was for von is Oh In Hye second.
Bae So Eun.
Lee Chae Young was such as three-level actor after appearing at the Seoul International Drama Awards held at KBS Hall, Yeouido, Seoul. 
Lee Chae Young.
Choi Yeo Jin can not bear "poor lost her children," with costumes carved free man show within a flourish.
Choi Yeo Jin.
Kim So Yeon of a white dress deep cut neck to the abdomen along with bold cutting lines, showing half breasts and bare back on the red carpet of the festival.This dress was then quite a lot of netizens say too revealing and ridiculous.
Kim So Yeon.
Ha Kyung was the case most recently when the actress wearing skimpy carefree and also "mallet frog" led to serious road on the red carpet Blue Dragon 2012.
Ha Kyung.


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