Monday, December 3, 2012

Here are tips for smartphone users can record beautiful and meaningful moments with the best quality. Learn about using smartphone. Before using any equipment, users should take the time to learn about the device, from the style, size and specifications. With smart phones, too, you should take the time to get accustomed to.
Samsung Galaxy S III to allow Full HD standard footage.
So the first thing is how to use the most convenient, how to hold the camera as it is correct, how to preserve match. Then gradually get used to the controls on the machine, turn off, turn it on, or switch between the different modes.
Balancing machine
The most hydrophobic filming is go stand in a corner instead of looking for different interesting angles. However, new users will have trouble moving by phone with light weight and small size, very easy to shake when moving. So one of the first thing to know when to use to learn how to balance the machine.
Appropriate brightness adjustment
Like when using the camera, users also need to consider the problem of light.Always remember: the human eye is capable of adapting to changes in light, quick adjustment to fit both the light position and the phone is not.
 White balance parameters allows the user to control the light balance when shooting with a smartphone.
So, if conditions allow, use the phone to film in outdoor lighting conditions are optimal plans. If used indoors, should turn on the lights. Appropriate brightness will improve the video quality.
Focus on static scenes
Reasonable focal length and movement help people comfortably explore the images in the video. Lightning return calls only make viewers eyestrain can not connect the images together.
Stop the machine when the transition
When you want to change from one corner to the other corner, it's best to press the pause button rather than just panning around. If the camera does not allow pause, you can turn small pieces, then combining them with some video editing software on your computer.
Keep the machine while filming a scene angle
Imagine a circle of 360 degrees rotation around the subject is selected, divided the circle into two half circles 180 degrees, keep your machine in a semicircle angle selected, if you encroach into a semicircle again, will be difficult to locate the image you want to go.
Use the microphone to record sound better
When recording video, the sound is a factor of concern. You hardly get high-quality sound in every situation. Moreover, it can not be significantly improved when using only software. If you want to get really good sound quality, you will find the specialized equipment (microphone separately).
There are many types of microphones left for you to choose from, ranging from the compact i-Microphone or greater as Belkin Directional Microphone.
Upgrade application video
The default camera application can accept the short video in a well-lit area.However, you do better with software dedicated film. 
 Filming 3rd party applications with more efficient and useful features for high-quality films.
Application on the iPhone Video Camera + is an appropriate choice. It supports many video quality custom mode, intuitive guidance and image stabilization features. On Android, the default camera app is very good, but if your phone supports ICS camera is even better.
And the final thing to note is that you must ensure that the memory is large enough to film, by every minute HD video recording will consume tens of megabytes of memory.


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