Saturday, December 8, 2012

The line laptop 13 inchshowing signs of strong growth recently due to the rise of the Ultrabook. In fact,13 inchalso considered to be the ideal size for a portable PC. It is not the poor performance as netbook but not as heavy as a full-sized notebook.Here are the best choice for alaptop 13 inch high current levels.
1. MacBookAir 13 inch
In a market full of samples laptop ultra-slim, Apple is still considered the "leader" with the MacBookAir. The design of this product is not changed over the past few years but the "interior" of it has been thoroughly upgraded with Intel's Ivy Bridge generation 3, RAM stronger and add a new connector. Air is also considered "peak" than other competitors on the quality of the touch keyboard and trackpad.
2. Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga
The highlight of the IdeaPad Yoga is the flexibility, the experience of bothlaptopand in the same tablet device. Besides the Microsoft Surface, the IdeaPad Yoga is a device for the touch experience on Windows 8 best.
3. MacBook Pro Retina display
The MacBookPro debut of Apple product is not for the masses. Many people feel "chun feet" with its very high price. Some other concerns with the selection of the more powerful 15 inch version, but no one can deny the quality and attractiveness of the product. Retina technology helps to monitorlaptopto a new level. Powerful Ivy Bridge chips and thin paring designs making it one of theMacBook sexy as ever.
4. Acer Aspire S7
Ultrabook with touch screen can be considered as one of the most unique technology products of 2012. S7 Acer's product is considered a pioneer for the movement. Your own high-quality screen, Full HD resolution and multi-touch. This is one of the world's thinnest Ultrabook today, accompanied by the latest-generation Intel chips and SSDs for booting immediately.
5. Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A
The Asus Zenbook is a very comprehensive product. The screen for the ability to display true color, wide viewing angle, good contrast. One point can not not mention the machine's keyboard and trackpad for senior experience no less thanApple's MacBook Air.
6. Dell XPS 13
A special feature of the XPS 13 is the compact size. Its skeleton equivalent, or slightly larger than a 11-inch product, so it is the right choice for people who move frequently. On the configuration, the XPS 13 has many standard features compared to the Ultrabook popular now, in accordance with the object ordinary users as well as business people.
7. Sony Vaio T
Sony's first product in the Ultrabook segment, like many other laptops with the Vaio, feels beautiful and luxurious to use. Vaio T is an ideal product for everyday use, especially for multimedia entertainment.


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