Monday, December 3, 2012

10 entertainment apps, do the following to help Android smartphone experience more worthwhile.
Swift Key
Swift Key will change the way you type on Android. Applications automatically aware of what you type in the past - from text messaging, email, chat, Twitter and a few other services - to make suggestions for what you want to say.
Mighty Text
Mighty Text sync Android phone to your computer, allowing you to receive and send messages from your PC. If you have to sit all day, this is a very effective solution. The application is compatible with both Mac and PC and received warm reviews from the Android Store.
SkyMotion is the Android version of the Dark Sky applications on the iPhone.Application to let you know exactly when it rains and when it ends.
Google Sky Map
Google Sky Map is the perfect solution when you want to explore the stars you are looking at. Just open the application, the phone towards the sky, you have to explore the stars and planets.
Rayman Jungle Run
This is a game with a good-looking interface, nice graphics and many levels of play, combined with exciting background music. In the game, Rayman character must run continuously through the forest, collecting insects called "lums". Game is divided into four main chapters with 10 screens, each screen has a different gameplay: jump, fly, run, punch.
Field Trip
Field Trip to help you discover the jewel around her. Whenever close to interesting places, the application will notify details of your location without having to "click" on. Even if using a Bluetooth headset, Field Trip will "read" your information.
Thousands of place and experience in the application be divided into different categories such as architecture, and historical events, lifestyle, drinks and entertainment, cinema, outdoor art ...
Weather Eye
Weather Eye is an application and widget. Is a widget, it provides minimal weather forecast on the home screen of the Android device. As an application, it has a clean interface, simple and useful.
Apex Launcher
Apex Launcher is a launcher (engine start) powerful, fast, highly customizable Android home screen. Apex helps you customize the size of the box, allowing you to own 9 different pages. In addition, users can dock roll up to 7 icons per page.Apex is one of the launcher to get the best reviews.
uTorrent for Android allows direct download torrent file on the device. Even applications for users to sign up to the RSS feed, and more content. Above all, no speed limits or file size to download.
ScoreMobile is excellent sports applications with fast update rate, real-time reminders and area custom "My Score" handy. The application provides information about hot tennis matches, basketball, football as Premiership, C1, La Liga, Serie A ...


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