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Miss Universe first decade of the XXI century (2011-2010) has left in the hearts of fans unforgettable imprints. It could be the image Miss Puerto Rico weep in coronation moment or moments of the beautiful people My test different fell on stage.
The honest answer was la ... less intelligent 
Beauty from the Philippines - Venus Raj, students in the top 5 Miss Universe 2010 , was the answer behavior disappointed fans in the country full of optimism.Of course, this answer Knitwear, Venus Raj has lost the crown of Miss precious.However, she received much acclaim for honesty, river dam true to yourself.
Recently received a question from the jury with the phrase "One of the most serious mistakes you have made? What did you do to fix?", The beautiful Philippines was quite confident. However, her answers made both you visit the viewers sit under so down and "silly to te". Venus Raj honestly admitted she'd never get serious offense, then she thanks to family, friends, and the love they have for her. "Thank you very much because I have to be here (Las Vegas)."
 Venus Raj in the competition section of Conduct.
Venezuela crowned two consecutive years (2008 and 2009)
This is unprecedented in the history of Miss Universe . The final night of Miss Universe 2009 - held in the Bahamas, the audience all over the world have the opportunity to witness exciting reunion of the screen two Venezuelan beauties on the stage. Dayana Mendoza - Miss Universe 2008 - up crowned compatriot Stefania Fernandez of overflowing happiness. 
 Beauty powerhouse Venezuela has "up to double" in Miss Universe.
When only two beauty Stefania Fernandez (Venezuela contestants) and Ada de la Cruz (Dominican Republic) in the box waiting for the final results, the majority are for Ada bet because Venezuela has won the contest last year . However, when the name Stefania Fernandez was intoned, everyone shall be astonished, even the owner of the noble crown could not believe she had a chance to win.
American Beauty "land measurement" at Miss Universe 2008
The Miss Universe 2008 pageant held in Nha Trang, Vietnam with the victory belongs to the beautiful Venezuela. The representative of Viet Nam Nguyen Thuy Lam year in the top 15 overall.
  Crystle Stewart is confident presentations no matter what happens.
One of the most memorable moments in the competition in 2008 is the single slip of Miss USA Crystle Stewart in the competition evening gown performance of the top 10. Although quickly stood up, clapping cheering, and walk confidently as ever what happened, but in the end Crystle pity also slipped out of the top 5, replaced by the representatives of Colombia, Russia, Mexico, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.
The press called it "unfortunate single slip of Miss America" ​​by before the finale, she is one of the best candidates for Miss Canada.
Miss USA was booed in Mexico
Not win highest throne, but Rachel Smith, representative of the United States in theMiss Universe 2007 contest , new characters and most of the finale. After not lucky was slipping on stage during the evening gown competition, Rachel Smith but did not receive applause suffered by the child audience Mexico la o, ridiculed.However, the beautiful and so brave to stand up and smiled the next step.
 Rachel Smith slipped and fell sharply.
Opposition culminated when Rachel Smith continued in the top 5 overall, while the representatives of the host country stop at the top 10. Although for spectators bottom o and shouted in unison, "Mexico! Mexico! Mexico", a Rachel Smith still waving and smiling on stage.
Miss Universe 2006 weep like a child
Picture Miss tears in the coronation moment is something very normal, however, emotional enough to weep like a child, only in the beautiful Puerto Rico Zuleyka Rivera - Miss Universe 2006 . Even beautiful people "prepared to cry" from prior published results. Not only that, Zuleyka Rivera fainting spells during a press conference after the awards ceremony. The representative of Zuleyka Rivera shared she was interrupted by the stage hot and tight capital meat tightly to her body.
You Shop Puerto Rico weep in the stage Miss Universe 2006 .
A year later she was forced to do to fall crown given to his successor.
That year, Zuleyka Rivera was the youngest contestants in the top five, however, has excellent pass other "enemies" (including the host country contestants Tara Conner) to the coronation.
A year later, when appearing on stage Miss Universe 2007 to crowned Miss Japan Riyo Mori, Zuleyka Rivera makes the audience once again could not remember her. Zuleyka Rivera dropped the crown in front of Miss A "code such as intentional".
Question of conduct "hurt"
At the Miss Universe 2005 contest (held in Thailand), the top five contestants had to "tri" to each other by weight within the implementation of gay behavior.Candidates must ask and answer each other. Miss Venezuela was the only one not complete answer in the time allowed. Was the last person to draw, she received a question from Miss Mexico to the text "the most difficult situation that your country is exceeded and you do to contribute?". This is considered a sensitive and controversial question because at that time, the country Venezuela is no political instability. Indeed the question "tough" has prevented Venezuelan beauty alone, she stammered and remains murky.
The owner of the Miss 2005 belongs to Miss Canada Natalie Glebova, while the Venezuela ranked fifth overall.
Miss Venezuela lucky sensitive questions related to politics.
Performances shocking bikini Miss USA
I must say that the beautiful people from the United States has left a lot of oil in the world's largest beauty pageant in the first decade of the 21st century. USA is a country with the fashion industry the world's second fastest growing, but the beautiful people countries regularly lose points in a fashion show contest. Before Crystle Stewart and Rachel Smith, Chelsea Cooley each shock with powerful steps catwalk to dizziness.
Miss Universe 2005 contestants have a performance great swimsuit pages were so lively music of a band Thai, however, Chelsea Cooley - representatives of the United States - which destroys it with steps clumsy, hung capacity. But hip shake "majority" also a powerful movement can make viewers feel like Chelsea Cooley perform an aerobics exercise. However, the final beauty remain enrolled in the top 10.

The performances of Miss USA in the seventh minute.


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