Saturday, December 8, 2012

After VinaPhone and Viettel announced it will sell the iPhone 5 simultaneously on 21/12 laptops on the market price immediately dropped, popular at around 17 million for the 16GB, particularly where price Classified Ad only 16.8 million.Surveying the iPhone 5 price moment from the shop selling Apple products in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as Ishop, Techland or PhonGee shows, all of which have fallen from 500,000 to nearly 1 million a week before. Rates prevalent in these stores is 17.3 million for the iPhone 5 16GB version, 20.5 million for the 32GB version and 22.5 million for the 64GB version. All are portable international version from traditional markets such as Hong Kong, South Korea and the United States.
For some smaller-scale stores, less reputable merchants and small business forums, discounts iPhone 5 after genuine information today is quite deep. Some places is now $ 17.1 million, particularly in the position to sell iPhone 5 16GB for $ 16.8 million. This is a fairly low price, when the that genuine price has not been the network announced but is expected to be at around 16 million.
Information VinaPhone and Viettel genuine iPhone 5 distribution from 21/12 to have less impact on the market price laptop.
Talking to a number of shops specializing in large portable iPhone, VinaPhonegenuine and Viettel selling iPhone 5 will not significantly impact the price of iPhone 5 laptops on the market, and did not cause much disturbance to the their business.
"Price iPhone 5 at stores Ishop system (Hanoi) has not been affected by the genuine price of the iPhone 5, which mainly depends on import prices in foreign markets. If you enter a higher price, iPhone 5 when the water will be sold at a high price. Conversely, the store will also make adjustments to lower their prices when imported at lower prices, "he Tuan - shop Ishop - said.
Agreeing with him Tuan, Mr. Phu Phong Mai, stores PhonGee (City) said the fact that VinaPhone and Viettel selling iPhone 5 at this time, like a year ago when two network distribution genuine the iPhone 4S. Accordingly, the price of iPhone 5is completely portable game stores.
He Rooms also offer a reason portable 


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