Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gold "Vietnam Supermodel 2008" transformed into the Queen of flowers in the gallery opposite nature, graceful, soft, sometimes strong personality and very sexy.
Designer Vo Cong Khanh said, impressive costumes Hoang Yeneven in the current collection can rival the beauty of the woman by his creation, will be introduced to audiences in India Fashion Week Spring - Summer 2013 on 7/12 in Hanoi. In this collection, canaries when it appears as a powerful beauty, sometimes violently strong personality and lovely ...
Hoang Yen with full flower designs.
She Sleeping like a princess just been woken up with the design carries the idea of ​​flower and beauty women's opposition.
Designer Vo Cong Khanh said he loves sexy beauty but seemed full of personality Gold Award Vietnam Supermodel 2008.
Images made with the support of expert make-up Ubi, costume designer Vo Cong Khanh.Photo: Huy UK.


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