Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cheaper price, big screen and integrate new technologies such as NFC and wireless charging, the new Google smartphone has many opportunities to beat the iPhone 5. Nexus 4possesses many characteristics of the hardware and the software can not find on the iPhone. This product was developed by LG, running the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, bring pure Android experience, without any interface, or application restrictions from carriers and manufacturers.
Google Nexus 4 has many advantages compared to the iPhone 5.
Of course, iPhone 5 also owns many outstanding features compared to competitors from Google, But this article please mention five characteristics superior of theNexus 4 compared to the Apple iPhone.
Biggest concern of most mobile users is price of the device. Nexus 4on sale with prices starting at $ 300 (U.S.), while the open network of the iPhone 5 has cost $ 650, more than double compared to competitors. No iPhone 5, it is difficult to find a high-end products are sold for as low asNexus 4 on the market.
Also because the price is very low, comes the release number is somewhat limited, the followers ofNexus 4was faced with the situation, "price" from the merchants. In Vietnam, this model often on sale for $ 10 million, where up to 12 million, twice the actual value. However, if in fact the iPhone 5 is being sold for $ 17 million, the buyerNexus 4 still cheaper to several million.
Screen more
4.7 inch to 4 inch is a huge gap on a mobile device. Apple is no reason to keep the size of iPhone to 4 inches, because they are the size of the "standard" to hold and use with one hand. However, the fact that users are increasingly popular productsscreenlarge, but the success of the Galaxy Note II (5.5 inches) is a typical example. larger screen brings a better experience for watching movies, gaming, and also makes sense to important.
Application map
Bring a specific application for comparison is unreasonable, and in terms of the number and quality of applications, iOS has proved superior to Android. However, the application is referred to here ismap, One of the most important applications, is the central part of a smartphone. Not only for navigation, viewing points, Maps application integrated into other applications and if they did not actually good, will not happen annoyance for users.
Google Maps allow users to move to anywhere in the Street View feature provides 3D landscape, navigate and extremely precise location. Googleworked hard to develop application Maps and Earth for many years, to acquire and work with many different vendors to get the current experience, while Apple is just beginning to set foot on the field map , and Apple Maps is seen as a "shame" of Apple in 2012.
NFC and wireless charging
NFC and wireless charging technology is new, not many applications in the present life, but with the technology enthusiast, love to own what the latest, most advanced, it is an option not indispensable.
If NFC has been known to many, is a form of near-field communication, allows two devices to connect and share data by placing them close to each other, the new wireless charging technology only official appearance on a single device beforeNexus 4Nokia Lumia 920. LG does not manufacture pillows dedicated wireless chargingNexus 4 Nokia, but this device can be compatible with the common standard charging dock Qi.
The services of Google
With a dominant position in the web market, clear services Googleis an integral part in the lives of mobile users. Is "chicken"GoogleNexus 4 course there are huge advantage over the iPhone. Applications such as Gmail, YouTube and Talk works extremely smooth on the Nexus. All of the services are built in accountGoogle, Which is the default Android user account.
Googleprovide a full range of services mentioned above for iOS, but it is not the focus of the Apple experience. For example the YouTube from being the default application has become external applications on the iOS, the Chrome browser can be downloaded for the iPhone, but the user can not make it the default browser.GoogleNow is a particularly useful feature is not available on iPhone. This application was compared with Siri, but while Siri like a toy more,Google the application development Google Now as a real-time search engine, can predict the user's information need instead of waiting for users to pose questions.


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