Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"There are no bad women, only women do not know how good." If you are not confident with makeup skills, beautify yourself, please refer to the following suggestions.
1. Think of skin
Tips makeupThe first is for beginners revolves around their skin problems. Think of the first skin because the skin is very important, think exactly what you want to stand out and what you want to hide the skin. Be aware of your skin type to choose cosmeticsmakeup accordingly.
2. Only buy brand suit
Once you understand your skin, you will know what kind of cosmetics you need.All reputable cosmetic companies are trained sales staff pretty thoroughly. So it's best to go to the cosmetic store, explained to the staff that's exactly what you need and they will help you.
3. Clean and moist beforemakeup
Makeupnever in a hurry. Always ensure clean skin beforemakeupImportant issues can not be ignored is moisturizers. Take a look at your skin is oily or dry skin or combination skin, once you know inevitably you will be able to choose a cream ideal.
4. Primer
Primer is the next tip when makeupof beginners. Primer is the secret weapon if you want to keep the classmakeup smooth and fresh for 24 hours.
5. Cream leather suite
Skip the selection of color foundation is your big mistake. Match the color creams will make classmakeupmore natural look and shine. If your skin is pale yellow, ivory cream background color selection but not red, orange skin firming cream, then select the background with a mixture of red and yellow, pink skin red can choose pink tones. Longer if too confused to distinguish skin color, you can choose a neutral cream color background.
6. Highlight the advantages on his face
Foundation and cream liners are the steps makeupbasic, but when applied to color highlight the biggest advantages on his face. For example, if you find yourself with beautiful eyes, focus on them with eye shadow, eye pencil and mascara ... If the lips, use a Lip and lip gloss to her face become more attractive.
7. Powder or liquid?
Many beginners often do not know what to choose foundation powder or water.Loose powder or water would be better - it depends on your skin and how to use.Powder liquid water is usually, offers smooth skin, commonly used, suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin. Foundation powder suitable for oily skin and create good fineness.
8. Massive experiment with chalk
In the beginning, the use of massive chalk seems a bit confusing and may cause you do not dare to try. But let's start a little at a time. The use of chalk blocks are a great way to get your face contours. Use chalk to create volume at some point as the forehead, cheeks, nose ... to face really stand out.
9. Blush
Blusher can threaten your beauty if you do not choose the right way. You need to remember that, to select the appropriate color to create harmony to the face.
10. Select Mascara
If a beginner and do not know what kind of mascara is right for you, you need to define your lashes short or long, thick or thin ... Please take the time to get to know or seek the advice of the salesperson to select The best type of mascara.
11. Eyeliner
Eyeliner is an indispensable tool if you want to be impressive and sexy eyes. For beginnersmakeup, You may not be familiar with the use of water or gel pen. To make it easier, choose a pencil. Should pay attention to the eyes as well as the design you want to get really fascinated eyes.
12. Lipstick is very important
You can try to pick out your favorite lipstick and fit. Please consult your friends, expertsmakeupor learn online watch brand any good. You also need to pay attention to your skin tone and preferences when choosing.
13. Lip gloss
Lip gloss is definitely step you can not ignore when makeupLip gloss will help you get full lips, sexy and extremely easy to use. You simply apply a moderate amount of gloss to lips become jump ball.
14. Do not forget to share
A lot of people often neglect the neck when makeup, So if you are a beginner, keep in mind this stage to create a habit. Differ too much will make your facial beauty reduced.
15. Complete with powder
After completing all the steps makeupStep complete with talcum powder will help absorb the excess oil on the skin to oily shiny face, to avoid sweating and ensure lasting substrate.
16. Stand or simple?
Do you often think that you need to makeupoutstanding or simply just be. It all depends on what you want, your circumstances, and even your mood.
17. Make-up eyebrow
Whether beginner makeup , you always need to pay attention to your eyebrows.Appropriate help eyebrows eyes shine and shape the face. You can also light makeup for eyebrows to have a perfect face.


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