Monday, December 3, 2012

Frame, power key, volume up and down keys, SIM tray and bite bad apple logo on the back are made of monolithic gold, raise the value of the machine up to 380 million.
This is a special version of the next iPhone 5 in Vietnam, after dragon mosaic model ofgold , diamond , ruby stone attached .
Entire border with the buttons on the sides of the machine are made of gold crystal.
SIM tray or right next to the power button on top of the camera, too.
At the back, the logo "bad apple bite" is made of gold.
Price of this version up to 380 million.
Feeling when holding the iPhone 5 monolithic gold on hand is quite gentle and heavy.
Products distributed by DVS Digital.
monolithic gold iPhone 5 next iPhone 5 dragon mosaic gold, ruby ​​stone.


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