Thursday, November 29, 2012

Model for horizontal bangs, performance costumes in BST named "Paradise" by Japanese fashion designer Nguyen Ha Huy took place last night 28/11 in Ho Chi Minh City.
Collection for the festive season with the message warm and full of love, so the main point is the picture of the Greek god of love in 3D using modern printing techniques on silk habuta material. Besides the combination of pastel tone along the body and of the body as a skirt accents create a soft and romantic, suitable for your favorite classic fashion but personality and taste exquisite dress .
A few pictures of the page, but like the model not unique in BST Heaven : 
Many supercars and cult sports car like the Audi R8, Ferrari 458 Italia, Nissan GT-R, Porsche 911 or the Bentley Continental Supersports already gathered in the garage Dr. Joe (HCM), a special maintenance program.
Most people who own supercars or luxury car in Vietnam known garages Dr.Joe, because this is one of the few full service workshop facilities to meet the needs of maintenance or repair expensive models. Not to mention, the upgrade project and "" quality vehicles also help to elevate the prestige of Dr. Joe, that more and more customers want to recommend "the driver asked" her to the garage.
In response to customer trust, garage Dr. Joe has held a special vehicle maintenance, with the participation of a number of experts from abroad. So, on the morning of April 26/11, a lot of luxury cars gathered at the workshop Dr. Joe.
From early morning, 3 Ferrari starred, next to the BMW 3-Series "of" M3 been here before.
Each car garage technician team of Dr. Joe "take care of" carefully.
Ferrari 458 Italia.
Bentley Continental Flying Spur.
Audi R8.
Motor is "the" Twin Turbo Heffner.
Ferrari 360 Spider.
BMW 3-Series "" M3.
Bentley Continental Supersports and Nissan GT-R.
Nissan GT-R.
Bentley Continental Supersports.
Porsche 911 V-GT.
Cadillac Escalade.
Special maintenance period for these vehicles will be completed in the next few days.
The big country like the cars to Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and the car is also nice number plates and toxic.
Audi A5 color cafe.
Lexus RX450h.
BMW 330ci convertible 2 door plates "fortune".
Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG.
Mecedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG V8 6.3L, $ 7 billion, plate number 000.01.
BMW 740li $ 4 billion.
Mini Cooper S quarter Q2 Sea. This is one of the cars with number plates from you of an extended Thanh Hoa.
Mercedes S500, about $ 5.3 billion.
Lexus LS460L plate "live in love".
Add a BMW 740Li.
Cadillac SRX 4, about $ 3.3 billion.
Mercedes-Benz S350L your quad plate 9, about $ 4.2 billion.
Bentley Continental Flying Spur near 10 billion.
Audi A6 2.0, about $ 3 billion.
Lexus LX570 you 8 plates, about $ 4.8 billion.
Mecedes-Benz E300 nice number plate, about $ 2.4 billion.
Lexus RX450h number plates from the fifth quarter, about $ 2.8 billion.
BMW X6 xDrive35i about $ 2.6 billion.
Mercedes-Benz S350 beautiful plate.
Audi A8L new version 2011, nearly 5 billion.

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