Sunday, November 25, 2012

Multi-purpose fighter Su-30SM, is beginning to be equipped for the military, will allow the Air Force to address the tasks previously impossible.
Multi-purpose fighter Su-30SM.

That is the statement of the Director of the Center for research training and military Air Force, Major General Alexander Kharchevsky on 24/11.
Told RIA Novosti news agency , heKharchevsky said: "Aircraft Su-30SMincreased many times fighting ability related to detect and destroy not just one, but multiple targets at once. Potential of an aircraft can compare the equivalent of two previous-generation aircraft.
No coincidence that India pilots on the Su-30MKI has won the exercises before the pilots of the U.S. Air Force. "
He Kharchevsky concurrently noted the importance of includingSu-30SMserved in the Air Force.
He stressed: "This is a new stage in the re-equip the Air Force. Ability of the new fighter will allow to improve combat capability for our Air Force.
Until this time, the Air Force is not equipped with the aircraft allows the implementation of high-level tasks such.
In addition, the Su-30SM aircraft to be delivered not only to the few individual units, which according to the fleet. "
He also said that now the dream of many pilots to fly on such modern aircraft have become a reality.


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