Thursday, November 29, 2012

Only 1-2 years ago, Hong Que known as the a brilliant long legs of the village form the North. She possesses remarkable height of 1.79 m and 3 rounds almost perfect measurements 87-60-90. Property sharp face, body shape, Hong Que also been many expected to be a candidate for the throne of Miss Vietnam 2012 . However, since the scandal hit the noisy public, Hong Que increasingly sliding long list "foot long rebellious" form English village. Of course Miss dreams crumble. Not only offensive by the spokesperson shock, after scandal, beauty makeover with more sexy image. She marked the age of 18 by launching nude before graduation from high school.After the process, she continually hot eyes with cool pictures bikini, showing off tattoos sensitive area. Honestly, Hong Que body beautiful, so many people have broth before her curves in hot lingerie shoot. However, boldness is completely inconsistent with the age of 18 still innocent.
Not only that, Hong Que began to lose public sympathy with the wings show excessive flesh. Earlier in October, along with the statement "I'm on my way to change yourself," she stunned people love by thin skirt are hit by a vehicle length, width from top to bottom. She was rough, "not even" relying lingerie. Next, she is constantly looking to dress super short, super open. Most designs of lace, chiffon you requisition and continue "Hurricane" publicity with nor wear clothes, including dresses showing off full lace lingerie when she uninvited festival in Hanoi last weekend.
A look at the sexy outfit in Hong Que:
At the age of 17, Hong Que was sexy not too old. However, she still sometimes innocent definition of adolescence.
Turned 18, she began making public opinion up with waves the sexy shoot too old.
The same to change ourselves statement, Hong Que bold makeover and stunned many people.
Thin lace outfit that shows are both purple trousers chip inside.
The super short playsuit, her super openings made many people feel she is wearing swimwear to go to the party
Red dress made ​​cinnamon stick much criticism from the public because of his audacious. But recently, the fashion designer Hoang Hai has already vindicated Hong Que , that dress does not open the image people see.



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