Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Sexy neo" forever remain the great magnet to attract women worldwide. So, the line cut out sexy still every day, every hour variations, creating new openings, strange and interesting.
However, many people often assume that the emphasis trim cut create gaps in the body skirt, shirt often emphasizes the "hot spots" of the body, but cut out the line is irregular. That is only partially true, because most of the costume design are subject to a "ground rules" or any ideas throughout. Choice cuts on the dress is no exception to that rule.
If you look carefully designs fundamentalist outfit formed in the entertainment free, easy to see, the gaps of the beloved woman usually follow the rules ... alphabet.The most common letters evoke inspiration for designers usually U, I, O, X, V and horizontal letter B (type of heart shape).
Most of the gaps that are usually located in the "hot spots" such as the back, chest, abdomen, thighs ... make the shape is like that character in the alphabet. Main flow rotation of ground rules has led to the common believers love to "sexy neo" less boring, more novelty in the eyes of fans every fashion season and matched.
Open some types of beauty English:
1. Inverted B strapless dress
Ngo Phuong Lan.
Truc Diem.
Ngoc Oanh. B vice-shaped skirt (same vintage heart-shaped) are many stars love because it both religions seem sexy, "cheat" a measure of round 1.
2. Carved neck tee skirt
Jennifer Pham and Pham Anh Thu equivocal cleavage after small gap.
Maya mysterious black still provocative eyes.
Ngoc Trinh unique openings.
Thao Trang sexy appeal.
3. O open the chest skirt
Dinh Ngoc Diep attention to the O-gap width.
Jennifer also actively with dresses carved chest words O.
Thu Minh City is also one of the followers of this ancient style.
4. U-cut dress
Angella equation showing U-shaped back
Many people choose beautiful wide U-shaped accents the back but also beautiful people opting for a moderate U-shaped cut in the neck.
5. Cut V-neck dress
Thanh Hang sexy bottom with a split V-shaped skirt
Hoang Thuy Linh sexy V neck variations
Mai Phuong Thuy show cleavage fullness.
6. Skirt cut out X
Truong Thi May breeze leather ivory pearl with impressive point X.
Actress Ha Anh Quynh Hoa and lovely bare back.
Meanwhile, the Ngoc Trinh preferred form of chest showing the letter X.
Ngo Phuong Lan delicate with gaps letter X.


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