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Because of many factors, some of her teen loves the community so far has not appeared much in the media.
Da Nang teen community but not exciting and scale as the young people in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, but where are gathered a lot of face hot girl, remarkable hot boy. However, despite the advantages to shine as the hot teen at the same time but she chose to "retire in hiding."
Luc Linh Lan
Own face in the morning, cute, right from when they appear in public, Lu Ling Lan has been widely known. Another distinct and impressive in her lifestyle you are beautiful, can say is the hot girl at the second most infamous and gentle city. After the University exam period, Linh Lan barely appeared in the newspapers, online forums.
Hot beautiful girl at Spirit Last
Currently, her beautiful 9X - this talent is the owner of a fashion store for teens in the city. One thing few people know is that she is also a well-known younger brother named Lu Zhao, known as nickname "Nickhun copy". Many teenagers are still waiting for a day and come back and continue to "coverage" even though she reduces hot.
My rabbit
My rabbits (whose real name is Ha My, SV Commerce College) property chubby face, lovely. My rabbit and special powers of Spirit is "the killer duo" of Danang teen. Two hot girl always focus the talk on the topic, forum within and outside the city. She was a model for many newspapers and also appear in many beauty pageants.
My rabbit had makes Danang teen "dive dive"
"Suddenly missing" and choose to live in peace within the body, Rabbit My once shared that her family does not support you in the art and do not want My current boyfriend appeared so much on. Teen community lacks a lovely girl, teen Da Nang was so down because of the unexplained disappearance of this hot girl.
U.S. giant Quynh
U.S. giant Quynh known in recent times. She you have the shape of your body and also appeared regularly on many teens. Like Lu Ling Lan, Quynh American ownership strange name to attract the attention of many since new. However, she also chose to "disappear", does not appear as much as the other hot girl.
Disappeared suddenly, America Quynh has left many city teen regrets
Your friends Quynh said she has focused on learning and famous denied the opportunity, sometimes just appear in youth events.
Spring Home
Although it is not a teen Da Nang "genuine" but Spring also makes you children here "crazy" after the coronation U.S. 2012 heavy stones. Unlike other hot girl, Spring beauty salty and mature, this is what helps it to be different. After the coronation, she was teen many expectations on will stir young life Da Nang become more robust.
Da Nang beauty had "retreated backstage" to focus on learning
However, after participating in the contest GSM 2012, Spring also not very appear at events or in the mass media. Currently she is a student at Duy Tan University.
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