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Technology community are curious and put a question mark for the product "peak" that Apple will launch in 2013, especially in the context of competition with Apple is more "weapons" dangerous than ever.
While Apple are busy to provide a sufficient number of the company's newer models such as iPhone 4, iPad Mini, and Mac PCs to market, technology community started curious and put a question mark for the product "top" that it will debut in 2013 - especially in the context of the competitors with AppleWe have many "weapons" more dangerous than ever. Radio own 


Analysts name Gene Muster of Piper Jaffray, who is known for the capital highly accurate perception of the product roadmap Apple, Has recently launched a new report on the period of 2013 or more specifically 12 months of AppleAmong the products mentioned, including new radio service has been rumored for a long time, versioniPad Mini with Retina display, the new Macbook Air, iOS 7 and notably Mac OS X next generation.
"New dish" of 2013 is the first own radio service Applewith expected launch around March. This competition is "Apples" designed to compete directly with Pandora in order to allow them to assert dominance in the digital music market.However, as of this moment, no more information is given. initial assessment, however, shows the potential of this new service

Apple is huge - especially when it is based on a powerful iTunes is available as well as the number of users of mobile devices such as iPhoneiPadiPod or other very large capital. Form

iPadNew Mini

In early 2013 special events,Apple will be released form iPad New Mini with Retina display - the community of fans look forward to a long and also the "disappointment" when absent on iPadThe first-generation Mini. However, many argued that this would makeiPadMini hard to compete on price than the current design. itself

iPadMini now even been criticized due to the lack of Retina screen but the actual experience is also placate public opinion effectively. This can also causeAppleput new screen upgrade, you need to look further. Several sources from the industry's production chain

Apple also said that clothing - one of the great screen production - has promoted the production of screens for iPad Mini, with the size of 7.9 inches and a resolution of 2048x1535 (horizontal New iPad), This is a computer screen with pixel density densest of Apple (Beyond iPhone). However the problemApple how to configure the hardware and the battery can meet the demands of the Retina display remains in the mysterious veil. 
By June, the annual event your other software (WWDC), Applewill launch the new version of the operating system, including Mac OS X and iOS. We will still be provided to users through mechanisms downloaded every year - that prove the usability. Notably, in this stage is the presence of iOS 7 - the first version of iOS absence Scott Forstall. He left the capital

Applenot long ago a job due to friction with the management of the company.Replace Forstall's position in the assumed role of the interface design iOS is the legendary Jonathan Ive. This is the reason that the community very excited about the changes and features revolutionary interface iOS 7 after years of maintaining a single common phenotype. Community iOS 7 is expected to be added the important features that users

iPhoneiPad or iPod Touch still want the ability to hide all the default tool of iOS, which allows to change the default application to third-party applications (eg use Chrome as the default browser instead of Safari), additional Additional key features by geographical area, the lock screen displays more information ....
On the PC side, Macbook Air samples will follow Macbook Pro to give users the option high-resolution Retina display. Of course, next year, the majority of the remaining samples the Mac will still get the upgrade configuration periodically every year but it seems that there will not be any groundbreaking changes occur. Besides , the analysis reviews also stated that in the event of the month 9-2013,

Apple will also upgrade iPhoneto a newer version. However, according to analysts Munster, this upgrade will only likeiPhone 4 to 4S (major change in configuration) rather than a completely new model as iPhone5. More likely,

Applewill name this new version is the iPhone 5S with more memory, faster processor and improved camera.
iPad9.7 inch will be "innovative" in appearance

Finally,iPad 9.7 inch will be "innovative" in appearance, making them similar toiPadMini now (thinner rim, aluminum back cover scratches, etc.). Obviously, generation

iPad New also is said to be thinner and lighter than the New iPad or iPad"4" now.This itself is the goal thatApplepursuing - especially when the new-generationiPad recently been significant weight gain compared to the previous.
Thus, it is possible that Apple will still maintain the tradition and pursuing their featured products. But the fact so smoothly? First wave of increasingly powerful mobile devices from rivals such as Windows 8 tablet, Windows 8 laptops, android table and plenty of smartphones, "Apple" will still need the innovative features, which is the knack to maintain and strengthen its unique position in the market.


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