Sunday, November 25, 2012

Appears after and has many advantages, opportunities to shine stronger but the lovely girl, lovely seaside city peaceful life choices as the previous generation of hot girl. Although there are many regrets and a bit confusing but Da Nang teen community still respect the decision of this hot girl.

Milo Nguyen
A former high school students Phan Chau Trinh - a school with a long history first or second city, Milo Nguyen, known with the nickname "Miss you doll face" from when I was sitting in school. Milo, whose real name is Nguyen Thi Nhat Thao 3rd generation hot girl teen Da Nang liked. In addition, with the fashion tastes pretty OK, Milo Nguyen and some newspaper offered a model, appearing in the event your teen, she often impressed with the style young, dynamic.
Milo very own beauty, cute chubby face.
Around the end of 2011-time Milo Nguyen know more, then suddenly she you "im thin meat" for a long time afterward. Limitations appear, the name Milo Nguyen became less hot teen city. And has almost a year now since this hot girl "disappeared".
Chau Le Phuoc Contact
Is 9X early, Chau Le Phuoc Contact has been "cut down" the hearts of many teenagers through exquisitely beautiful city and nature. In addition, the Union also made many people surprised to learn that she is your sister midfielder Phuoc Vinh - one of the famous soccer player in Da Nang. Unlike the hot girl at the same time, Phuoc Contact often appear with mature image, seriously.
Hot girl Phuoc Joint sister midfielder Phuoc Vinh, currently working in large hospitals in Da Nang.

Besides active free sample photos, Phuoc Contact also work for a large hospital in the city. Faced with the difficult choice this, 9X girl has refused fame and retired to focus on the job. Contact information is also very hard to find, especially on online - teen still can not find the address of this hot girl.
Truong Thi Quynh Nhu
After participation Miss Da Nang in 2012 and won the Asian block, Quynh Nhu known than even before that, she was one hot girl hit of Danang Polytechnic College. Quynh Nhu continue up small push available GSM-final in 2012, however, this hot girl is often "enough" in each event, choose from pre-mature style, losing definition completely innocent are.
In recent months, as well as other hot girl, Quynh Nhu choose to safe is dedicated to education, she continued studying in Da Nang Polytechnic College and decided to limit the appearance. Although eager to Quynh Nhu back but most teenagers Da Nang still respect the choice of the hot girl.


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