Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Highlight hair will help her youthful personality style and always outstanding. The dye highlights the fact not too difficult.

Drug test

When dye was purchased, to be sure, try before you decide to dye his hair dyed up. Try to apply the dye to a small strand of hair in the back of the neck or scalp.You just need to follow the instructions for a small amount, wait enough time, wash and dry your hair. This way you will know how drugs can be up color and really fit with his or her hair.
Time of dyeing hair
Hair is too clean or too flat, you are not fit to dye your hair for the most successful results. The best time to dye my hair one day after shampooing clean. Drug absorption, to color correct and beautiful.
Decision dyed hair
Take her shopping for her first cap just for dyeing highlight because they have more holes above. After a hat, make sure hat fit your head is threaded the hairs through openings. We will help the hair to be dyed with the appropriate amount and according to your wishes. If you want to dye my hair dark highlight, you get a thick amount of hair through the holes, light staining highlights, you do the opposite. Also, if you only want to highlight hair stand out in front, you just need to completely hair in front threaded through the hole. Most importantly you need to decide the type and hair color before starting implementation.
Comb your hair silky
Before you start dyeing, wants true color brush, make sure your hair in a smooth state. Use a comb to brush the curls hair, make them as smooth as possible. This seemingly simple job, but no small impact on the quality of hair dye later.
Enough dye
If you have thick hair or long, it is best to shop for yourself sufficient amount of dye.This will ensure you are not missing dyes. The drug stopped because of lack of dye is a disaster. Obviously, do not you want to own patchy hair color bold.
Washed after dyeing
When dyeing, you will inadvertently cause dirt to the skin on the body as a dye down. Make sure you rinse the stain after staining dye for too long on the skin can cause irritation and even skin burns. Absolutely no dyes exposed to the eye area, even just one drop.
After dyeing her hair and put in the time to follow the instructions of the drug, be patient wait to dye their full effect. You can enlist manicure, read a book or watch TV. Do not rinse the head when not enough time, the color will light up and fade very quickly.
Dyes to add color
After the colored highlight, you can completely dyed other colors on top of the color dyed, with the same process and such waiting period. However, should not be dyed so many colors, they will make you look gaudy and rob nutrients of the small hair you used to dye.
Care after dyeing
Use a shampoo and conditioner specifically for colored hair, we will help keep the dye longer and provide nutrients to the hair. Do not forget to dye your hair every 6-8 weeks to keep the color bright, beautiful as the original.


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