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Daniel Wu, Donnie Yen, Lau, Li Asian Bang Chow, Deng Super ... is the lucky actor to get rich wife.

Chau Lap Three

Wife fastidious judges of China Got Tailent program is Pure Lake - a famous female entrepreneurs "white hand made", and is a very respected by society.However, because of her husband's career, this wealthy woman accepted the sacrifice career, home to do the housework. Vuong Chi Van

In 2008, the film star Black tape was married to the model slightly under 9 years of age, both famous and beautiful Tran Kien Hong. What makes the popular Wang Chi Van not get his young wife that is the Tran Kien Hong is her official agent of the Lamborghini car company in China, every year her husband five times higher income. place in Phone

Thanks plays Tang in the film Journey to the West that the value in the Dialogue met and married female Chen Lihua. Since Chen Lihua larger place in teenage Voice, has three other children should not doubt his "mining". However, living very happily together 22 years of the couple chopsticks deviation has proven true love is treated in Voice. Chow

Earth Federation and is the second wife of Chow, though silently standing behind her husband, under investigation by the Hong Kong press, she was the daughter of billionaire Singapore, Tran Lam. Although her ​​family enough condition for Chow Yun-fat eating for life but he did not know of it, still hard on the set. Au Yeung

Ugly but charming to 1996, Au Yeung took was quite beautiful wife Vice Pure RECIPIENT, granddaughter of billionaire Cassino Vice Lao Dung Macau, inherited a hefty fortune. Like Chow, Au Yeung like parasites wife so day and night to sleep late and get up early to film school. silly

Lisa Selesner - come supermodel wife of Daniel Wu Hotel Group boss daughter bloody Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas (USA). Not know Wu said the two elder Chow mirror and Au Yeung not, or is going to be split screen to a life of wealth without work? Andy

Le Thanh Chu referred to as the silent woman standing behind Andy more than twenty years, but few people know that she is the daughter of a wealthy clan Chu cracked wall down wall in Malaysia. Talking about popularity, fame and social status, they are not inferior to their Uranus saved. Super

Although the Sun is only an actor but the ability to make money better than Deng Super repeatedly. In fact, Sun Le has seven years of continuous presence in the top 10 richest Chinese star on the prestigious Forbes magazine Having a wife who is both beautiful and talented, rich as it is the luck of the supernatural. reasons Asian

If he Guo province in the film Hero radiation silly but get wife Hoang Dung smart, beautiful in real life, the reasons Asian-guy actor looks "generally high" luck "Corinthians "diva Faye Wong. Many years ago, Wong was a singer with the highest salaries Chinese music. Donnie Yen

In recent years, Donnie Yen continuous shooting, but the pain is not because he needed money to support his wife and children, but simply a passion. By his wife - Drink Thi Thi is the daughter of the a gem family business, famous diamonds in Canada.

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