Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Probably not less than once you get this error and just want to escape into the home dressing immediately. Modern fashion is mercilessly experiment with your own style and dignity. Today you a believer trendy and right after that you turn into those who do not know the definition of clothes. In the process, the creativity and challenge myself, many ladies have to get yourself in the common silly mistake mined makes his style reverse order. Let's have a look at the list of faults susceptible of today's modern fashion dish out.
City too much
Only when you are age 20 with body parts not yet fully developed, the City of flesh through clothing is a big minus in any fashion handbook. The exposed parts of your body ivory pearl too much will not help you become more attractive charm. On the contrary, they are two-edged sword gives you the unfriendly gaze feet down the street.
Excess waist
With these she does not really own a toned hips and slender, and the presence of the pants waistband delay is a false choice. Because leggings pants waist lag will cause you to reveal tacit full of fat and denunciations short legs. Invisible general, accidents plethora of waist will make your body balance becomes ugly.
Style and age
There are not a few of her Peter Pan refused to grow up with her fashion style: Despite outside the 30 but still can not remove the teen's fashion jeans wear, though brink heard 40 but did not change the letter A dress too young. This is a common mistake about the age of the lady: always staying true to their age and find the most suitable style.
Wear not just
It is important and essential fashion: You must be comfortable with what you will wear. Therefore, no sophisticated crime that she had to bundle her in the shirt too tight, and drowning in ample trousers indiscriminately. Look for moderate to clothes flatter your body structure and perfect curves of a modern woman.
Too many accessories
The build buzz for your costume with accessories is a completely correct.However, the creation of many focal points for the outfits with too many accessories is a hydrophobic evening. Obviously, you do not want to be turned into a Christmas tree with all these mobile the laplanh dishes point based.
Choose Lingerie
This is probably the fault should be highlighted attention to our girls. The choice of underwear to match becomes extremely important when wearing items outside are increasingly being innovative in a number of different trends. Make sure that, lingerie items also become match the color tone with items outside to the communication, the opposite will take the time to look you than is color bras Choe look up behind his thin shirt Funeral trendy that you are present.
Dirty shoes
A girl who love fashion and I personally will not do your shoes stick full of stains and dirt. Apart from handbags, shoes is the slogan of each class ladies. Therefore, please take 5 minutes each day to check out the shoes and the polished folding whenever a stain found on it.



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