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Phi Thanh Van once said "I am that die make journalism sad", however, at the present time, not just her beautiful brown skin that many other com rolling character as Ngoc equation, Angela, Japanese Long ... will also make a sad showbiz without them.

Ngoc Trinh: Proud 'live stick', a spokesman for the gander
Beyond these hot photos, Ngoc Trinhdoes not seem to have any "cheek" in showbiz. How famous she is also quite strange. One fine day, she was named "Queen of lingerie", "Queen of Internal Medicine" and the default is everyone calling her name. Western girls had never succeeded in the role as a catwalk model. She even embarrassed when the catwalk next to your model. However, only a few images with bikini or lingerie outfit showing almost perfect body and participate in a pageant that people called "Miss pond villages," she suddenly became famous .
 Ngoc Trinh.
In fact, Ngoc Trinhfamous by his technological trendsetters elected Vu Khac Czechoslovakia. While Vietnamese showbiz full of smart, sophisticated, aNgoc Trinhnaive like a cool breeze blowing. She was beautiful, snow-white, childish face and very innocent spokesman. Does not seem to have a beautiful pair of giants, received the support of the love that dare to admit asNgoc TrinhThemselves as dolls in the glass,Ngoc Trinhnot hiding something completely financially dependent on her boyfriend, and frankly declared: "Love without money, land scorpion eat?".Consequently, her spokesman becomes the talk and the topic now it is the mouth of many people. Even the diva My Le Thanh Lam and singer also spoke about the "good" ofNgoc Trinh.
Diva Thanh Lam ingenious "diagonal stone" Ngoc Trinh that "Ngoan too stupid. If docile, meek ​​and stupid, it's boring. " Meanwhile, American singer Terms and hot girl Midu also simultaneously decry Ngoc Trinh on your personal page.
Before syndrome known for creating "love without money, land scorpion eat?", She also netizens listed on the list of "beautiful short" when the mind the love story than her stepmother tongue, every car change a birthday, or "love me very expensive but the" ...
Public opinion seemed generous and creative style for her many "titles" like "Miss pond village", "long legs short brain" ... Even the words of praise, Ngoc Trinh still lives fresh and more beautiful every day, such as challenges, tantalizing those who hate me.
Now, Ngoc Trinh has become the mistress. She is also more cautious in speech.Obviously, the spokesman stupid she went to the "history" to create her own brand. And sure, if the beautiful people more alert, more wise people love her?
However, one thing that is accidental or is available in the Virgin's PR strategy and showman, whenever she or the company have an event about to hit the organization, she also participated in paid Press interview. And like always, after each interview is the loud boom in the media, the online community ...
Angela equation: "Mother chatter" early rebellion
"Child mothers" always consumes ink character of the press in 2 years. From a child actress in the morning, cute, she swung change photos sexy girl, sexy. Phuong Trinh constantly new images bold and shocking direction.
From the public love the elderly, mothers chatter constantly released images showing hot body with internal medicine not from left many disappointed and regret. Great way to refresh yourself and pre-made fan of the beautiful actress is going down, instead, volume antifan increased exponentially. Many times, the equation is also in trouble because of jigsaw anti and libelous honor.
 Equation always attract attention when appearing.
Hit not only by the shocking images revealing the images makeup, dressed gorgeous and sexy than age 17, "child mothers" also makes people "panic," the spokesman classics on his face when the big announcements still virgins or ready to test to prove the hospital in the morning.
Can be "dotted" some timeless spokesman of actor smell cilantro spikes in a year as: Will reward 1 billion for detecting scar "cutlery, weeds are willing to spend 20 thousand dollars to be see me, If you will go to the hospital to check virginity, no anti-fans, sad, Shooting advertising lingerie for sand-shay generous, 5 Buddha I have committed 4 ...
Fever of this speaker is the disclosure equation big pay 20 thousand dollars to meet her in real life. Not less competitive words "Love does not have money, land scraper, eat" sister, sand-move child's mother became subject discussed straw for a long time.
Continuous shooting hot.
Recently, she continues to be an actor Quach An An expose the unprofessional attitude when voluntarily give up the role. Fuse of war of martial mouth is derived from the equation sister accused her aggression.
From breaking the image of "child mothers", they called her an angel with a broken wing Angela equationwhen repeatedly causing uproar in the newspapers. From pictures, to the spokesperson, the 17-year-old actress is always a character to surprise the reader.
"Hybrids Rose" Andrea Aybar
Hispanic girls are following the "trail vehicle" Angela equationor Hong Que. They are all big girls before age. In just a short time, this teen model shocking continuous with the speaker like none other. As well as "child mothers", Andrea is such as hybrid roses blow a new wind on the catwalk English. No time to be professional, long legs causing many people to be disappointed with daring lifestyle, image-building by creating scandal.
 Couple always stirred the report.
Andrea was only 15 years old but for whom cohabitation, about the relationship with her ​​boyfriend, to keep virginity or smoking is very normal. When just publicityphotos crib with hot boy Baggio , coming form West said Southward to both live.And though people may disagree, you still do.
Parallel to the spokesman for the love story, the girl from the land of the bull often hit the hot image eyes. From nude photography, recently, she made ​​the bed with a male projection image sample. In the photo, both have many sexy, sight of a couple.
 Photo beds of recent female model.
Press repeatedly all feedback, to help her not to distract. However, it seems more and more attention, the more she loves to cause waves. Along with Angela equation , Andrea called her very way of the Vietnamese entertainment industry.
Ly Nha Ky: Queen ridiculous name
Mentioned Ly Nha Ky people think of an image you she spend in effect to show the same class with senior relationships with powerful figure in many areas.
Since assuming the role of Vietnam's tourism ambassador, the beautiful is always associated with the image of luxury, frivolity. Every time she appears, make people"dazzled" by total assets estimated at tens of billions from the costume, accessories, costume jewelry. For like: metallic gown worth $ 40,000 of designer Alexander McQueen's reputation, Piaget watches have cost nearly $ 300,000, $ 30,000 earrings, shoes $ 15,000, jewelry $ 12 billion, the 18k gold studded bag name Graziella cost $ 8,000 ... That giant was indeed a dream, a lifetime income of millions of Vietnamese. Luxury items that many people overwhelmed on price but to her it was just a hobby.
 Ly Nha Ky always show the value of jewelry each occurrence.
Not stop showing preference Designer, Ly Nha Ky also like to show my mother, my father, you feed ... are billionaires. And yet, as the tourism ambassador, the beautiful actress by the way show additional relationships with the celebrities of many countries. Such throne Hong Kong Moses Chan, Myolie Wu, Tran Khai Ca , Tse is considered her best friend.
Looking at a hefty fortune of the beloved woman, with extensive relationships that many people envy. However, she also frequently criticized because love's breeze.Name of she constantly "peace" when scandalous private life too much.
However, despite all these words of praise, Ly Nha Ky still very "heart" for the appearance of thick paper. If the name of the character to be up most years, must not be overlooked the beloved woman born in 1982 and name real name is Tran Thi Thanh Nhan.
Phi Thanh Van: Missing her death still fun?
She was the first to open and start the trend "beautiful cutlery". Born in 1982, long legs quickly to take advantage of this to plan PR, starting offensive showbiz. Having acquainted the audience through open surgery,Phi Thanh Vanparticipate in the field of film and luckily left the impression with the a crucified, sour exaggeration in ugly girl, Beauty Salons ...
 Phi Thanh Van always attracted media with style sexy and like none spokesman.
Mixed with singing, Phi Thanh Van equally hit with brown leather paralyzedtrack to disaster. Do not be afraid to fail, the tenacity with beautiful soul is eternalbut being "stoned" mercilessly. She also eloquently revealed that regular lip syncing on stage.
Closed her music career is not bright but full of noisy, "the queen cutlery" continues to cause pandemonium recently divorced her husband story West.
Parallel to the noisy work, queen cutlery always knows hot pictures with the outfit too revealing each appearance. The spokesman shock, her evasive also make the equation as: "I killed newspapers sad" or "who I am 1,000 members ecstasy"; "I open just beautiful" ...
Lin Chi Khanh
The Lin Chi Khanhtransgender beautiful girl Khanh Chi Lam makes him the most sought-after character. Each new image of the singer will make people curious.Aware of his hot,Lin Chi Khanhvery know abstinence picture. Each matched, she nine cycles on clothing, hair to impress the opposite.
Coming out every step of the way media Lam Chi Khanh makes people not to respect, when friend "accidentally" post pictures to go with her, at the time of the "road picture" is on vacation in Thailand ...
Has said he will hold a press conference on January 11 to public sex, sharing their most difficult time coming to Thailand surgery. In addition,Lin Chi Khanhalso want to launch the music project, marking a return to singing after years of slow steps.However, until now the singer has no intention of making a promise, in addition to image drip to cause curiosity for fans.
Lin Chi Khanh show pretty pictures after transgender.
Japanese Long: Spokesman showbiz
Male vocalist of the country music not very well known, after the expiration of the time, his attention by going to the "ambiguity" about his gender. My hair tail vocalsalso released his autobiography, tells of the time living with his gay giants and famous to help. Get PR about sex as a springboard for the return, the singer has been outcry, which is why shocking autobiography promises to stop release despite been pieced pen.
From there, Japanese Long starting chain length became "her eight", the "spokesman" of the artists when he regularly on "household" colleagues.
Get the story take a DNA test to prove I was not gay, he turned to "scold Ngo Kien Huy irresponsible" because the mother does not believe her son. It's time the voices Pretend Thanh Thao prosecution to have children with her ​​sister, Sweden, the UK and escape responsibility.
Again, I cling to the sex of Dam Vinh Hung to swing by. He seemed noble calling for sympathy from the audience: "People should not be scrutinizing the real Mr.Dam to judge. Let's look at what Hung, dedication acknowledged ability Hung ".
And yet, the Japanese Longalso jump into the scandal of the singer Cao Thai Son when men accused of being gay and donkey sex, money cheat boyfriend. When the audience is disturbing information on the real singer rainy roadJapanese Long"Complementary" to confirm "Cao Thai Son has beautiful soul."
At the time of the scandal in question settled results of Phuong Uyen in The Voice are hot. Hue original singer wisely sided with public opinion, states firmly that "Phuong Uyen stay is unwise "and why" do not retreat with honor. "
When Bao Yen shocking article showbiz factor "the people", Japanese Longdo not miss the opportunity. He took the luck on the report reveals the shocking secrets of diva.
Japanese Long and Bao Yen.
Most recently, the after Lin Chi Khanh image transfer World are shocking the report. Hue original singer made ​​public excited to share the purpose of your transgender. Accordingly, he said, " Chi Khanh surgery to get married "and also do not forget to include the use of the secret forest.
It seems that, no matter who, Japanese Longhave proved their knowledge and the right to speak. However, though he defended his character or mode, mentioned also ignored by everyone "hear the music program guess."
Interfere too deeply into the life, personal colleagues, Japanese Longreally makes the fans short underground. Whenever showbiz scandal, people are kidding themselves, saying, "to seek the opinion of the Japanese Long ".
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