Monday, November 26, 2012

Among the laptops running Windows 8 has launched market free, touch VivoBook lines, have a starting price of 9 million is attracting young user object. Line Vivobook of Asus have quite a variety of sizes as well as different rates, but Asus only focus now introduce the model X202 with dual core chip versions 8.9 million and Core i3 $ 11.9 million in Vietnamese market. The two models are equipped with a 11.6 inch LED backlight screen, turn RAM is 2GB and 4GB, 500 GB hard drive, ultra-thin design and weighing less than 1kg.
Low-priced touch notebook from Asus is attracting great attention from the user.
Sales staff of a large supermarket in Hanoi said, this model attracted great attention of the young user object. The fittedtouch screen, Accompanied by the operating system Windows 8 with many new features and ultra-portable size is the highlight of the aforementioned products.
Recorded at a number of major computer stores in the area of ​​Hanoi, the laptoprun Windows 8 appears not much on the shelves, which Asus is its "strong hand" in the sample introduced in Vietnam laptop integrated touch screenThrough the initial experience,touch screenof these samples Vivobook soft, smooth, feels like eyes when stroked and touched. As Live Tiles interfaceWindows 8pretty cool, but the quality of the touch screen fitted on the notebook form has not been verified.
Answer questions about, a touch-screen notebook, ultra slim design, light is sell such soft prices, sales staff said, which has just hit the market, this model is being subsidized from the manufacturer.
In addition, buyers of all products running Windows 8in the present time are getting quite a lot of incentives. For example, with Asus VivoBook model X202E above, customers will receive a DVD burner $ 1 million from the manufacturer.Meanwhile, gift support from Microsoft is a wireless mouse does not respond to customers more, by receiving gifts procedure quite complex.
Many new laptops running Windows 8 will continue to hit the domestic market this year end. Photo: Nguyen Han .
As well as share from the sales staff, the line laptopWindows 7 is showing signs of decline in nearly a month, commonly at more than 1 million, there are individual discount model to 2 million. Can see, at the end of 2012 was seen as a good opportunity for those who want to buy him alaptop new product by running Windows 7 tends to reduce price while laptopWindows 8 is located in the stimulus program the hardware manufacturer.  
Another noteworthy point is that consumption of laptops and many other electronic items during the end of 2012 signs of cooling down from a year ago, because users tend to tighten spending. Therefore, the supermarkets are forced to seek lower cost products or offering attractive deals to lure customers and complete sales targets outlined earlier.



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