Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Miles a layer of powder before mascara, mixing two colored mascara, brushes according to the zig-zag motion are tips to make your lashes thicker and more beautiful.
Brush two layers mascara
The first trick that girls should keep in mind that combing two classes mascaraeye makeup , and you have to brush second layer when still wet lashes. If you let them dry,mascara very prone to clot, bad and not shiny as desired.
Negotiations on eyelashes
Before broaching mascara, You should make a little talcum powder on the lashes.This tip will help lashes feel thick and beautiful.
Mix two colors mascara
This tip can you have never heard but very effective. Using two colorsmascaraat the same time can make eyelashes look thicker and darker. Brown and black combination is a typical example. First you brush a layermascara brown, then embellished with black (same color mink fur).
Brushes under the zig-zag motion
Generally, girls are still combing mascaraupward, and this obviously can not make your lashes look thicker and more uniform. Therefore, you should move the broommascara according to the zig-zag to ensure no fibers mi overlooked during makeup.
Do not forget to blink
To achieve the best results, you should combine the zig-zag motion of the broom with the blink of an eye. After a zig-zag motion, you should blink once to help every single lash Smallest RFID is also covered with a layer ofmascara.
Mascara during
If these simple tips do not make you happy, use mascarathroughout. This type ofmascaraeffect curve and thicker eyelashes. After combingmascaratransparent, you can still make a foundation layer, and then the mascara .



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