Wednesday, November 28, 2012

China is offering non-FK-1000 system capacity equivalent to the Russian 2K22 system of arms export market. FK-1000 system consists of a large truck containing radarflak 25mm andmissileclose range. FK-1000 had been on display for the first time as a model in Zhuhai Airshow takes place around the middle of November / 2012 in China .This is considered a variant copy directly self-propelled air defense system Russian 2K22 (which is equipped withradar, 8 missile room has a range of 10 km and 2flak Automatic 30mm range of 4 km with about 1900 rounds). The difference is that, FK-1000 8x8 truck is equipped with wheels and radarequipping of modern AESA type system.
Combinatorial model artillery - air defense FK-1000 exhibition in Zhuhai 2012.
Of course, the FK-1000 is not the most modern air defense systems in this segment. Since 2008, Russia replaced the 2K22 system by the system more modern Pantsir-S1 - also use 8x8 truck cake. Each system Pantsir-S1 includesradar, 2 flak 30 mm and 12 missile close-range air defense.
Upgraded variant of missilefitted on Pantsir-S1 weighs 90 kg, has a range of 20 km. Radar Pantsir-S1 forward-scan up to 30 km.
This upgraded missile capable of hitting targets at altitudes of up to 8.400m while the 30mm flak range of up to 3.200m. Division operation Pantsir-S1 3 people and used trucks 20 tons.
Each system Pantsir-S1 cost about 15 million dollars. Meanwhile, FK-1000 system looks similar Pantsir-S1 and the specification as 2K22. FK-1000 cost about $ 5 million for each system.



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