Sunday, November 25, 2012

The IMEI number that indicates the device is real or fake, date of manufacture, origin, warranty period, is the international version or network key ... to choose to buy the product or not. When purchasing an iDevice ( iPhone , iPad , iPod , iMac ), the first thing to do is check the serial number of the device and make sure that it is not enabled (active). After asked the salesperson to active households, people should use this tool again, if this testing tool announced time the device is active coincides with the moment or within 1-2 days it the iDevice is genuine from Apple.
To look up information on the Apple device, user can accessed at or use software HTI Check. Either way, users only need to type the 15-character serial number on the device and click the Check button.
With a look on the website, users will get information about the device name, certified by Apple for genuine, date of sale (the Purchase Date), product technical support via phone (the Telephone Technical Support), the warranty period of the product (Section Repairs and Service Coverage).
IMEI lookup interface on Apple's website.
Also if use software HTI Check, after entering the serial number of the product and click Request Info, users will have information about the name of the product (the product description), MAC address, place of production (the country code ), open network or network lock status (unlocked items and unlocked Date), the activation status (active).

IMEI lookup by HTI Check.
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