Wednesday, November 28, 2012

To boast the advantage over the Soviet Union in the space race and nuclear in the early 1950s, the U.S. had planned to use the atomic bomb to attack the Moon, Earth's only satellite.
The plot sounds like a plan in certain science-fiction novel, but in fact, it was planned in the 1950s of the last century. Accordingly, at the height of the nuclear and space race between the Soviet Union andU.S., The Washington authorities saynuclear bomb U.S. explosion on Moon will confirm the power and strength of U.S.rivals.
Moon almost blown up by U.S. nuclear bombs.
Super-secret plan entitled "Theory of the flight research Moon"Nicknamed" A119 project "has been revealed. Accordingly, a rocket carryingnuclear bomb small to be launched from a secret location, over 238,000 miles before the collision and exploded on the surface Moon.
The planners said the nuclear device to use the atomic bomb would be by hydrogen bombs too heavy to put on missiles and U.S. MoonMeanwhile, based on the conquest of space technologyU.S. are research and development at that time, the implementation plan attacks on nuclear Moon will be conducted in 1959, before intercontinental ballistic missile military presence in U.S..
However, the calculation of the young astronomer Carl Sagan and many other scientists that the entire program was delayed. Accordingly, the nuclear explosion on the surfaceMoon will leave many unpredictable consequences by large amounts of radioactive dust released can affect the earth.
Even the task will become a disaster for the people U.S.or other countries in the world in case of a missile carrying a nuclear bomb can not fly to the moon that falls straight down territoryU.S.if a problem occurs. Along with that is the lack of certainty of missile systems for the purpose of conquest that the U.S. and Sovietspace are in the early stages, making concerns about incidents in the process of completely free remarkable.


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