Sunday, November 25, 2012

Investment trend "Pocket TV" increasingly prevalent, with the popularity of 3G services package and the rise of cheap high-profile smartphones. Previously, only users turn to TV mode on your phone via the Mobile TV service packages - pay for the network, but now, with the development of smartphone, The pocket equipped with television simpler, more economical, expanding diversity both forms using 3G and Wi-Fi.

TV mobile phone - the inevitable trend
The latest survey by market research company comScore showed that 11% of users watch TV content on mobile devices. The data reflects the trend of TV phone has become increasingly popular due to the special facilities it offers.
Last summer, Phan Thanh Huong, a student of Foreign Trade University (Hanoi) - to participate in military terms at Xuan Mai Hoa Binh. Without thesmartphonewatch TV online support, she had certainly miss-length drama watching. "There are smart phones 3G connection, you can comfortably watch your favorite TV channels at any given time, with relatively good quality," she said.
Trend of TV phone has become increasingly popular.
Watch TV on smartphonealso an end in Vietnam to help users enjoy free pay-TV channels such as K +. Le Trung Kien (27, Haiphong) share: "Last week, I watched the ball circle C1 mainly through thesmartphoneDo not fitted with K + service should every football season "suffering" because snake toad night out watching. C1 season this year, listen to his friends try looking onsmartphone is also quite convenient, inexpensive ". According to Kien," Pocket TV "has more or less solved the addictive football.
In theory, just 3G speed at 2-4Mbps users can comfortably watch videos online, and when on the threshold of 14.4 Mbps as the current video standard can be raised to HD. Thanks to the quality of food and cheap rates on a 3G mobile TV service developed in recent times.
However, the desired experience, the stage of sample selection smartphoneappropriate investment must be carefully.
Choose smartphone by any standard?
The biggest downside when watching TV on your smartphone is in limited screen size. Therefore, the line machine owns large screen (4.5 inch) with high resolution is a top priority.
Preference screen size in order to watch TV.
Configuration is also enhanced when users want to enjoy TV content, videos full HD birate, requires sufficient processing resources. Dual core recommended configuration selected by the strength enough to meet, while the price is not too expensive.
Battery "crisis" is always a factor to be considered important by watching video through 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi consumes more energy than usual.
The Android operating system is the number one priority by finding the software easy mobile TV, Sopcast support - application to view K + current best.
Also, it would be better if the phone supports two SIM slots to use simultaneously both the main SIM and 3G SIM garbage.
If in accordance with five criteria, can be found a valuable option in each segment:
HKPhone Revo MAX (4.5 million)
Situated in the popular segment, but Revo MAX meet all five criteria listed above.Brightest point in the machine is the huge 5.3 inch screen with high resolution qHD.Cortex A9 1GHz dual-core configuration rare in this price range also gives the user more comfort in every action entertainment. To "balance" the good configuration, Hong Kong manufacturers also equipped for high-capacity battery 2800mAh.
One point is appreciated manufacturers have software installed to see the best quality TV on Revo MAX before selling.
Sony Xperia Ion (9 million)
Sony Xperia Ion priorities selected by the high price relative levels consistent with the dual-core configuration and a 4.5-inch screen HD resolution. It also owns the new Android OS platform, with many entertainment features by Sony to install.
At the $ 9 million, Xperia Ion is appreciated in many ways.
Galaxy Note 2 (14.5 million)
If financial abundance, Galaxy Note 2 is the perfect choice by your own 5.5-inch screen size, combined with powerful quad-core configuration and a battery life of up to 3100mAh.
Also, in the new software version Note 2 also allows split screen to perform tasks more easily.


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