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Owning a oily skin which means you always have to carry the bag filter paper 24/24 to keep the skin clean and dry. Owning a skin oil also means the wax chalk dishes you build up to the surface becomes more difficult to use just after 1-2 hours, they turn into mask makeup choppy by oil secreted layer. However, that does not mean you have to reject the additive attractions of the famous cosmetic brands. It just means you have to be stricter with the selection and use of cosmetics for your skin.
Protection class
Before the introduction of useful tips makeup for oily skin, do not forget to first base layer of protection for the skin: sunscreen. Whether your skin of any kind you want them to always be protected in the best state. So, use of the spectrum sunscreen to protect you from UVA, UVB, lightweight and oil free.
Powder liner
Surely you are familiar with the kind of chalk lined help extend the life of the makeup on your face. For her scalp, in addition to the liner, it is necessary to apply an additional layer of T-greasy cream to the area of ​​(elected the eyes and nose). In this case, many girls use pure aloe vera gel powder liner for eye and lip area as normal cream liner does not have many effects to them.
You need to know foundation can do with your skin type. Do not think that with greasy skin, choose thick foundation to enhance traction on the skin is the appropriate choice. Instead, choose a cream background just right so as not to clog your pores even at low temperatures down.
Maybe you will feel surprised if we say that you should not put heavy makeup selection. Because, warrant a ton of powder on your face will only make your face become stiff and artificial in the clogged pores will cause oil glands secrete more.
Enjoy a light layer of makeup on your face and focus on the prominent part of the face to provide an attractive appearance.
Oil absorbent paper
One of the ways to keep the makeup on oily skin is to use oil blotting paper. We will absorb all the skin that secrete oil to keep your face from falling into the situation becomes smudgy because of the oil mixed with makeup. After using oil blotting paper, you can also spread the makeup on the face to ensure the natural harmony
Waterproof cosmetics
Try to consider waterproof makeup for the eyes. Although they may cause you discomfort when bleach but at least they did the right tasks: eating for a long time on your oily skin. One effective way makeup is used waterproof eyeliner, eye shadow on lined cream for the eye.
Reduce the amount of oil
The last in checklist makeup for oily skin that is: minimize the amount of oil on your skin. You can use the mask scrub, clay mask to absorb oil and will close the pores.For best results, apply the mask over a period of 1-2 times / week.
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