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Over 4 movie in the blockbuster Twilight series, the 10 scene love romantic couple's Bella (Kristen Stewart) - Edward (Robert Pattinson) in the last four films. While the second part of Breaking Dawn just in theaters, along the most beautiful scenes from the previous section.
1. First kiss - Twilight
After giving each other the eye speak especially in the classroom, school girl Bella (Kristen Stewart) and vampire guy centenarians Edward (Robert Patinsson) finally go to the first kiss in bedroom Bella's house.
2. Kiss in the kitchen - New Moon
When Edward decides to break up, Bella seemed confused. After spending more time with (Taylor Lautner) and intimate gestures, good friends with a kiss for each other at the outbreak Bella.
3. Reunion - New Moon
Edward thought that Bella was dead, Bella thought that Edward was going to dedicate his life to the Volturi. Thanks to Alice (Ashley Greene) and intense love, she went to Italy to meet Edward, where they reunite with a kiss passionate than ever.
4. The mountains kiss - Eclipse
There is a relationship triangle between Edward, Bella and werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner) while going to have a big battle going on. Also in this episode, Bella spent a kiss Jacob in the mountains, she realized she loved Jacob but also feelings for Edward is much more than that.
5. Conversation in bed - Eclipse
Twilight Series always know the beauty of cast mining and context. In Japan , it's intimate scene between Bella and Edward when the two are in bed, very emotional conversation.
6. Frolic among the flowers - Japan
Another beautiful scene, poetic in the 3rd episode of the series. Bella and Edward have the romantic moments, romantic together. Especially when they are playing, kissing between grass flower forcing millions of girls to dream, couples costume actor also designed the color compatible with field of flowers.
7. Vampire wedding - Breaking Dawn (Part 1)
After a period of love and pass the test operators, and finally the wedding of Bella and vampire Edward also took place in the splendid atmosphere. This is one of the most beautiful scenes of Breaking Dawn (Part 1) , the character Bella's wedding dress also become the most sought-skirt in 2011.
8. Street party - Breaking Dawn (Part 1)
After the wedding, the young couple to enjoy their moment in the honeymoon on an island, where Bella and Edward are involved in a local street festival.
9. Bathing under the waterfall - Breaking Dawn (Part 1)
Referring to the honeymoon, can not not mention the scene where the two characters embracing romantic when joint foot bath and romantic ... sexy.
10. Wedding night - Breaking Dawn (Part 1)
Over the waves, Bella and Edward finally to her husband, they had a first night to become husband and wife. This is footage is most eager audience waiting inBreaking Dawn (Part 1).
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