Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Generation passenger aircraft without a pilot in the cockpit preparing undergoing the first test, which promises to open up a new era of passenger transportation industry.
Accordingly, the passenger aircraft of the future will be professionals from a control room on the ground, located away from the passenger aircrafthundreds of kilometers. Testing unmanned technology is expected to be conducted in the next month's achievements are used in these types ofunmanned aircraft military.
Applied technology for unmanned passenger aircraft, The group hopes to significantly reduce operating costs, leading to reduced Airfares to increase competition. In addition,passenger aircraft Unmanned will minimize personal errorspilot, Can affect the quality of the flight or even the lives of passengers and crew.
Jetstream aircraft selected for testing unmanned technology.
Passenger aircraft chosen for the first unmanned test aircraft 2 Jetstream engine, took off from Warton Aerodrome, Lancashire to Scotland, UK in the coming weeks. Accordingly, the aircraft will move to the north completely under the control of thepilot remote.
These tests will look at how the remote control device on command from the ground plane. In addition, it will also help to check the computer system automatic safety on the plane, is designed to maintain operation in the event of loss of contact with the ground.
The construction of the type passenger aircraftmodern, have the ability to take off and go through the long journey before reaching the destination airport and landed without the interference of humans in the cockpit can be fully implemented.However, the Jetstream will consider testing the reliability of the technology and check a computer system to handle emergency situations.
Accordingly, the passenger aircraftUnmanned forced to recognize the presence of other aircraft on their move and warning signals or controlled to avoid regrettable collision. Thepassenger aircraftusually have warning but pilots need to control contact with air traffic control station on the ground to implement reasonable countermeasures. Not too difficult to humans, but this can be a big challenge for automated computer system equipped on thepassenger aircraft unmanned.
Meanwhile, gliders or small planes are not equipped transceivers and warning, forcing the unmanned aircraftmust be able to "see" the danger through the camera come with software to identify the image attached to the front of the plane. Then, it must convert information collected signals to communicate with the ground to support handling situations.
Also, in the Irish sea trials, a small unmanned aircraft will approach thepassenger aircraftunmanned, to test the ability of the computer automatically on the Jetstream recognize danger and ordered to avoid. This is one of the important conditions to ensure that unmanned technology is applied on passenger aircraft of the future.
In fact, this test program worth more than $ 100 million, with funding from the UK government and aerospace companies, including leading brands such as BAE, QinetiQ and Rolls-Royce. The reason, unmanned technology to get the attention of the government and large corporations by huge profits it can bring.


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