Tuesday, November 27, 2012

With shocking colors like red, blue, purple, or pastel colors, you will appear with a picture almost "makeover" completely.
Undeniably the following strong colors is very impressive, interesting, and worth a try. However, prior experience, you need to prepare well and do not forget to consult relatives.
Bright red color "intense" and glare. Perhaps this is why she Rihanna used to color hair. If you are not confident enough to attract the attention of those around should not try.
Of all the colors, "rebellion", purple is probably the most mild and subtle tones. You can also use the color purple to black hair dye-based highlight if you do not want to stand out.
If you want to dye the blue, you get a picture of the beautiful singer Katy Perry modeling.However, this is also the colors fade quickly, requiring you to take care be careful if you want to keep good color.
All of us will have gray hair as they age. But you can also experience it right now, what you need is the courage only.
If you are a passionate girl all colors, do not forget to dye your hair color "rainbow colors".
Soft pastel colors make you look as sweet as candy, very cute.
Divide the hair into two separate parts, and dye each section a different color is also an interesting idea. However, the two colors you choose should not be too different.
Undeniably neon outfit look very bright, but when using this tone hair, you will see a bit of difference. Neon colors are not even bright red and green.
You can also combine two different shades (dark-light) of the same color tone.
But her strong personality or a combination of bright red and orange to see the image of the flame is burning on the top.


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